Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Gold Coast turned on a perfect Winter day for us this weekend so E and I got out and made the most of it. I had to 'work' on Saturday morning at the local Farmers Markets ... where I may or may not have got in to a heated debate with the local Labor candidate. In fairness, I only wanted to know what benefits there would be directly to my family if we voted Labor... they couldn't answer and instead descended into quite the attack on me.

That's beside the point though... the local Farmers Markets were fabulous and I snapped up the most delicious produce including pears and apples all the way from Stanthorpe, strawberries picked that morning and delicious packages of quinoa meals with various herbs and spices - I got a Satay and a Herb/Olive one. These are going to be ideal for work lunches I see or dinner with some grilled chicken. (I'll post the brand details when I get home)

I took E home for a nap ... poor poppet was exhausted from running all over the markets with Grammy and Granddad and then we ducked out to the shops so I could pick up a few things. E of course had to walk everywhere and thought it was hilarious to climb into the clothing racks and hide. I had to abandon the pram more than once to chase him as he made his escape from me amongst fits of giggles. He really is just a such a super fun interactive age and while its exhausting, its completely delightful too.

Spent the afternoon with my dad and sis at my parents' house having happy hour, helping dad with some chores and playing with the babies ... we dressed E up in a tutu much too dad and Scott's disgust. E wasn't too sure about it himself, pulling at it but I figure its a good one for his 21st.

Saturday was a quiet night in (I made S watch GI Joe Retaliation - not bad, not great) and Sunday was another perfect day so E and I did some cleaning, he had a nap and then we headed to Burleigh park to meet my sis, niece, brother and his girlfriend. Traffic and people were crazy and parking was a nightmare but we got there eventually and E had a fabulous time on the playground equipment before settling down for a relaxed picnic with fish and chips and slurpees in the shade. He also set out to meet as many people in the park as possible, walking up to random groups to babble, wave and point.

Rounded out Sunday night with my dad over for a roast dinner then some baking ... this is an old favourite I used to make when I was young from the Women's Weekly Beautiful Biscuits book - Cheese Twists. Super simple, just puff pastry plaited then brushed with egg white and sprinkled with cheese and paprika. I add a brush of vegemite too and they are delicious. A great snack on the go for Scott, E and I - I may have already eaten 2 today.

I have some citrus and passionfruits I really need to use up so was thinking of doing some cupcakes tonight unless anyone has any better ideas.

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  1. E looks so sweet in his tutu, hehe

    What about a passionfruit tart: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/21039/passionfruit+tart

    Yummmmers ;)