Monday, August 12, 2013

I wrapped up a busyish end to the past week with a day spent at my 'other' office... the beautiful Parliament House in Brisbane. The day was ridiculously entertaining with news of Beattie being parachuted into a Queensland seat for the Federal election meaning Question Time was particularly rambunctious. Indeed, I felt like clapping the LNP ministers on several occasions for their quick wit and clever answers. I also had the pleasure of hosting some delightful young community leaders on behalf of my boss for lunch in the members dining room. It is so reassuring to know there are some switched on youth out there and a rare opportunity to spend time with them.

Now on to the bigger issues ... I think I mentioned in my teething post (or maybe I didn't) that with Ethan's teething, we have been going through a fussy stage with his dinners. I'm finding textures are a big thing for him at the moment and he is spitting out anything grainy like rice, quinoa and the like. I'm having to be really on my game in this case with a few options up my sleeve. A typical dinner might be some steamed fish marinated with lemon & olive oil, some quinoa with brown rice & herbs, a combination of veg and some fruit pieces or a beef casserole slow cooked with extra veg mixed through. A fail safe lately is a boiled egg but also I've been making up a batch of pumpkin soup tweaked for E (no salt etc) that I freeze into cubes. If I'm having trouble getting him to eat steamed veg or rice, I defrost a cube, stir it through his steamed veg and he is more inclined to eat it.

I'm looking forward to getting more creative with his dinners after this fussiness passes with some themed tasting plates, shapes and the like. Its important to me to ensure E has a good attitude towards food with an emphasis on it being enjoyable, colourful and tasty. I don't ever want meals to be a battle ground and I think a good approach now sets up good habits for the future.

Dinner time is also getting more and more messy as E exerts his independence by wanting to feed himself. In my research of mummy blogs, I came across Boon feeding products. Toys R Us was having a 25% off sale on them so I snapped up most of the range and so far they have been a great investment. The bowl and place both suction to the table and have a 'catcha' silicon piece I arrange so its directly under E eliminating an enormous amount of mess. The cutlery is great too as its soft and has a bendy head allowing you to position the head to the left or right - as little people haven't figured out the placement of spoon/fork to lips and tend to go from the side. A sippy cup was also part of the range and always looking for a new better option, I added it to my bag. It doesn't leak when held upside down, is impossibly hard to sip out of for me but E seems to love it and have no troubles. Its also well designed for little hands to hold and looks pretty cute too. I'm something of an expert on sippy cups if my collection is anything to go by - I should note though, I got lucky as E happily drinks from all of these but I tend to mix it up for him due to location vs spillage (at home or on the go) and so he can learn the new techniques each offers like sucking through a straw.

What's your go to sippy cup and any tasting plate recs to share?

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