Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Father's Day is coming up fast and this year for Scott, I have already sorted out gifts from Ethan and I.

We have so far:

The book, Because Your Daddy Loves You - Ethan loves reading and stories so this is a special one they can share.

Super Dry cargo shorts - a little more fun than his usual block colour options and just in time for the warmer weather. 

A Hottest Dad pack filled with his favourite gourmet hot sauce - I totally borrowed this idea from one of my favourite blogs, 'Little Baby Garvin' as its such a fun, practical and inexpensive idea that I know will be well received given Scott's penchant for spicy and hot.

Scott's ideal gift would be another baby but as I explained to him, we have a house move in our immediate future (when we find the right one to buy) and we still haven't slept through the night since E was born so give me a few months.

To celebrate, we will probably go out for brunch with my family and then dinner with Scott's family... it seems inevitable our celebrations will be hijacked by family events for the foreseeable future but that's okay. 

Some other great options for dad's out there include:

And here's some pics from last night of the little guy who gave us a reason to celebrate father's day and made Scott a daddy...

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