Tuesday, August 13, 2013

E and I had a near perfect weekend ... poor S worked most of it.

My Friday kicked off perfectly with an early finish, and delivery of a new washing machine. I have to say, I am a little excited. Its a Beko - which I'm reliably informed is a regarded UK brand) - and a front loader ... I've only ever had and used top loaders. It also has a million different settings from pet hair removal (we don't have a pet) to a dedicated jeans setting. It then only got better over sangria and Mexican with my two favourite ladies while E and S had a boys night in.

Saturday was a perfect Queensland Winter's day with 25d temps and clear blue skies so E and I got out to make the most of it. First up, we did a local 'roadside' with my sister to support our local MP and E was loving being a part of the horn toots and waving ... here he is doing his bit for a better stronger Australia (in his Hawaiian shirt my friend gifted him from the Bahama's).

Exhausted by all the socialising, we headed home for nap time read E slept and I did housework and sorted out his enormous summer wardrobe

When the tiny dictator woke up, we went to meet my dad and all headed to the Botanical gardens to feed the ducks, have a play on the swings and slide and a picnic lunch. I hadn't been for years and now I wonder why as the park was just gorgeous, full of ducks and eels and children and families. Its definitely on our weekend haunts list now though and E had just the absolute best time imaginable, toddling around with a huge grin on his face chasing ducks and giving his granddad a run for his money. It was one of those perfect moments and it reminded me of the message I wrote on my dad's father's day card last year which was his first as a granddad - 'The only thing better than having you as a dad, is knowing my children have you as their granddad.' Its so true in my case.

We headed out for brekky Sunday morning before S went to work and E was a little superstar. He was so happy to be out and about people watching (he's a real sticky-beak) and sat happily in his highchair eating bits of our meals. Sadly S headed to work and the boss and I went home for his nap. After nap time I met up with a friend at another local park for a run around ... E just wants so badly to be a big boy and I was constantly redirecting him to the 1-4yo play ground rather than the 4 plus.

Sunday afternoon was the best part of the weekend as we got to catch up with one of my favourite families. S has been friends with T & N for many years and I hit it off with them as soon as we met - before children. They have 2 of the most gorgeous children I have ever met and catching up with them is always an absolute pleasure.  Time literally flies and 4 hours goes in the blink of an eye (like yesterday). Their children are almost 4 and 2 and they absolutely adore 'baby Ethan'. Their little boy often tells E, 'you're my best friend baby Ethan' and last night both insisted on sitting next to next to him while they ate dinner. E was in his element dancing with them to Hi 5 then insisted on a sippy of milk while they had theirs - even though he doesn't have bottles. N and I had a great time catching up over several glasses of wine while feeding and entertaining children as the guys made us pizzas for dinner. 4 hours literally flew and we barely took a breath - I couldn't have  picked a better way to end my weekend than with these guys. I love having great friends like this where we can enjoy a casual dinner and catchup with the children running around over a cheeky vino.


  1. I know you asked this a while ago, but I was in best and less the other day and noticed a one piece swimsuit similar to what you described you wanted so might be worth having a look? Also old navy online has so good basic swimmers (I get mine from there).

  2. Thanks Kate ... will definitely check both out! :)