Thursday, August 29, 2013

Creative Gifting for Father's Day

A lovely and clever friend inspired me to start a photo tradition for Scott so I thought, why not for the Granddads' too? I love that it is a theme we can follow through every year and include any future munchkin in. This is what Scott's frame looked like while the Granddads' frames had the first pic of E holding a G and a D for G'DAD.

It turned out well enough given how difficult my little subject was. He alternated between tossing the letters - one smashed on my toes and made me think I'd broken something - and having to be enticed to come inspect it if I placed it upright on the ground, taking joy in knocking it over as per the middle picture. 

I am hoping this will be the hardest age to get the shots as I expect next year I can just explain to him what I am doing and hopefully more cooperation will be forthcoming. I'm not the best photographer as evidenced here and this project really brought home how much better an SLR camera would be (fast shutter speed) but I'm pretty happy with how the pictures capture this age and the seriousness of him right now more than anything.

We have added this to our shorts, book and Hot Dad pack so Scott has done pretty well for Father's Day I think. Now just to figure out what we are going to do on the day ... S is working for some of it so we might end up with breakfast out and then my dad for dinner.

What did you get dad for Father's Day?


  1. I'm starting a tradition as well this year. Making a 'Me and my dad' photo book. Each year I'll put a photo of bub and dad in it. I can write a few things around it if I like. In years to come bub can add pictures and write her own msgs. This way I will always have something to give for Fathrrs day. I've also made a photo and video montage to the song 'loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive'...still need a big item though...and need something for my father. Hrmmmmm

    1. That is a lovely tradition ... what a great idea! How did you go with something for your dad? I find music, tv boxsets, autobiographies (Cosgrove is a fave) and memorabilia are always a hit. X

  2. I have hubby a baby ;) Managed to sneak her in at 2:22am on Father's Day.