Monday, July 15, 2013

Mummy style

Motherhood sure has changed me... from someone who rarely (if ever) wore long pants to now having a cupboard full of them. Last Winter after having E, I became obsessed with coloured jeans (and posted all about that here - see July/August archives I think). They were so comfy and easy to throw on with a black and white tee and a newborn baby to manage.

Fast forward to this Winter and I'm still obsessed with pants, just this time, the draped silky lounge or pajama type pants. I'm finding them perfect for work or casually on the weekend, I just change up the top, shoes and accessories - mostly just a black Kookai tank and blazer or cardi and a coloured scarf. I feel like I've made more of an effort when I wear them and as usual, Country Road is my go to for these. Every new release has a different print or slightly different cut lately and I would happily buy all of them but I have limited myself to these pairs so far:

I also desperately want these but was too slow and they are now an old release:

The best part about these pants is they are wearable for warm and cool weather and are entirely practical for a mummy wardrobe which of course involves bending over constantly (to pick up toys, baby etc) and getting down to play on the ground whilst retaining some modesty. They also usually make it to the sale pile so can be picked up for under $100 - I think around $49.95 is my best buy so far but not bad considering I get lots wear out of them for work and play.

Its not all buying here though, I sold my jelly mousies and recouped all I paid which is always a positive.

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