Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Sooki ... because you win some, lose some

NTI was lucky enough to grab a pair of my new favourite type of shoes in the latest ShopBop sale - Marc Jacobs Mouse flats - PINK JELLY ONES! They were only $70 and I was so excited with huge hopes for these babies to brighten up a Winter outfit and work hard for Summer. Alas, it was not to be. I snapped up a 38 as they are a good fit in the elasticated ones but there is no way I can keep these on my feet. I was devastated I tell you! Also, its a waste of time returning them because of shipping costs so I've popped them on ebay with my fingers crossed.... worst case, they'll be a gift for my sister.

I've also been shopping up a storm for E, my future daughter (no, I'm not pregnant but I plan to be again one day and what's the harm in storing up things for then) and my sister's little girl (who will then 'hand me down' to my future daughter thus a roundabout investment for me without explaining buying girl's clothes to S). Now, let me preface these with ... I'm happy with these purchases but am not happy with the customer service of Tiny Tribe and will be very unlikely to purchase from them again despite loving the Sooki range and often buying it at full price for E and my nieces.

You may know that Sooki had an online flash sale early June and their site crashed under the load as they weren't properly prepared. The sale was rescheduled for last Monday morning and lots of my friends, burnt by the previous told me not to bother. I like the designs though and was understanding (although put out) of the first crash. However, I'm now so disappointed to have received a phone call only Tuesday of this week to advise that part of my flash sale order (placed over a week ago) is out of stock and will not be available to send with my order and that a refund would be made (no refund received).

I ordered and completed in the first 20 or so minutes of the flash sale (I lost at least 4 items out of my cart while the page kept failing) and I still haven't received my order while friends in WA who ordered much later in the day received their total order last week and others in Brisbane and Melbourne received their orders in just 2 days. Add to this that there are huge amounts of product now on Facebook from buyers who purchased for resale only. It would appear that there is no priority process for packing orders and that they don't adequately keep track of stock to ensure orders can be met. It seems typical now of Tiny Tribe promising what they cant deliver and their phone call to this end was pretty non-apologetic and when I expressed my frustration (calmly), I got attitude back.

Anyway, this is what I bought for E and little L ... some for now but most for next Winter:

Frustratingly, they sent me the wrong size in the boys red leggings and the piece missing was the padded Zooper jacket that would have matched that set.

How ridiculously cute is that red cape though! Even better, it's called the Mary Poppins cape ;) And to think it was a steal at $15 (from $70 odd). I should have bought 5! 

I have made a few other purchases for me but will share them and my new obsession with silky draped pants in their own post! I know, pants! Who am I anymore?


  1. Thats interesting you are buying for a future daughter. You might have another son?

    1. This is true... In which case I have gifts ready for future nieces ;)
      Either way, I have a little girl to dress up.
      Although I have had a friend consult Chinese calendars for me and my best chance of a daughter is to conceive between feb & mar next year ... Food for thought.