Friday, July 19, 2013

Hunter Wellies ... I want them in every colour!
I especially want the Savoy quilted in black. The good part about these is they are actually practical and there might be an opening in my wardrobe for them... I have been looking for a pair of flat knee high boots for ages to wear in Winter and for park days with E but I haven't found the right pair yet. These may actually meet my requirements more so than a leather pair as I need them to be practical when chasing after an active little boy and durable to dirt, wet grass etc. I think I would be best to buy a black pair to start with and maybe add a colour next Winter if I'm loving them and getting wear. Unfortunately doesn't ship to Australia - or believe me, I would have bought some already (the black glitter for starters I suspect). I have found some pairs on ebay though so might chance it and grab a pair there or have them sent to friends in the UK to forward on.

J Crew everything but especially these Tiki shorts, their Blythe silk button down shirts and these pink flared silk shorts for Summer. Now J Crew do ship to Australia and for a low flat rate of $10 BUT... the price of the item itself almost doubles! So unfair living in Australia sometimes but I have my ways and am determined to own the Tiki shorts, pink silk/cotton shorts and a Blythe shirt in time for Spring.

Worst case, I will have some of these in my wardrobe for Summer as my lovely sister has just booked a 3 week US trip for her, her husband and daughter so she will be under strict instructions to shop up at J Crew for me!

Scott has gone to Sydney for the weekend with friends to watch the Man U game and just generally enjoy a boys weekend break so my chances of being able to splurge on a pair of Hunters and some J Crew as payback is looking pretty good.

Do you have a pair of Hunters? How do you find the sizing? Which colour should I get?

Speaking of Sydney, what do I need to tell Scott to buy and bring back for me?

Update... I just bought these white gold Hunters from The Outnet for 45 pounds and free shipping!


  1. Myer in Pitt St Mall stock these Hunter boots. I swear I saw them there...get him to bring back a pair. Call Myer i Sydney the shoe department have been awesome to me recently.

    1. Oh wow, thanks CBrain! I will get him on to this ;)

  2. I was advised they were smallish sizing so sized up and wish I hadn't. But still all good and I love them and wear them heaps! I have shiny grey and from memory I bought from Shopbop!
    There's a Hunter thread on VF so you could ask there too!