Monday, July 1, 2013

Disney on Ice and Baking

I know I mentioned a Teddy Bear's picnic glimpse but all the pics are on the camera and slack mummy that I am, I haven't downloaded them yet so will save that for later in the week.

S has been working late most nights so I've been doing the dinner bed bath routine on my own and let me tell you, hats off to mothers doing this all the time by themselves because its not an easy job as a couple but its exhausting and requires minute organisation on your own. I've been lucky to even eat dinner by 8:30pm most nights.

We've also been busy busy this past week getting out and about for State of Origin, the beach to cheer on my brothers in the IRB racing State titles, a baptism and Disney on Ice.

I was lucky enough to win tickets to Disney on Ice and took some family along with E and I to enjoy the show. We had fantastic tickets, only 5 rows back on the tiered seating and a reserved carpark making life that muck easier. It was a bit of drama getting there as the show was in Brisbane and E had a meltdown on the way there not having napped all day so it was almost an hour's drive of screaming. As soon as we arrived and the show started though, he was all smiles, squealing, clapping and singing along (sounds anyway) to the lights and music. I'm not sure he even knew what was going on, he was just enjoying the sounds and visuals and despite being exhausted, powered through to the very end and slept the whole way home.

The show itself, was themed Princesses and Heroes with all the favourite songs included - 'Be Our Guest' by Lumiere, 'Under the Sea' from Sebastian and 'A Whole New World' by Aladdin and Jasmine to name a few. The routines were amazing and the costumes gorgeous. I will say though that I won't be buying tickets to take E again to anything like this until he is at least 3 - it would have been an expensive day out had I not won the tickets and he honestly didn't have any concept of what he was watching.

Some pics from our weekend...

My mum wanted to know why her grandchildren were in a 'cage' when I sent her this pic 

With E on his feet more often than not now (apart from the odd face plant), I have been looking into shoes for a pre-walker. You may recall E has a huge collection of Nikes and Converse but they are heavy soled and don't meet the requirements for babies learning to walk my research tells me:

The feet are a very complex part of our body. Did you know that babies feet are made up of 26 bones, 107 ligaments and19 muscles?!
Over the last decade pediatricians and parents have learned that hard soles and split hard shoes are not suitable for babies as they find their balance and learn to walk. Babies feet are soft and pliable, and pressure from the wrong type of footwear may delay and hinder their development.  Pediatricians recommend that bare foot is best for tiny feet to grow and strengthen naturally, but as parents we know it is not always practical.  So.... soft soles are the next best thing!  Soft soles are extremely flexible and protective, they have wiggle room to allow freedom of movement to grow, grip and develop foot strength naturally.
The best type of footwear for first walking babies is made of natural fibres and mimics bare feet.  Heavy hard soles or split hard soles install a false sense of security and consequentially result in more stumbles, falls and possibly accidents.  Hard soles or split soles for pre walkers and first walkers can possibly damage the foot arch of a tiny and growing foot; therefore cause problems with proper development, leading to a lifetime of possible chronic foot, knee and back pain.  

Its serious business this parenting and its so important to get it right for future development I'm finding. So I put the call out to some knowledgeable mummy friends for their brand recommendations. Skeanie, Bobux and Robeez were all high on their lists and my own mum suggested Clarks as she always invested in a good pair of Clarks sandals & enclosed shoes for us as pre-walkers. Lucky for me, Bobux and Clarks are on sale right now so I snapped up the following, all in different sizes from 3 and up for under $100 (usually around $50 per pair):

I'm told though I need to add a pair of sandals to this... and I also want a pair of boat shoes because they are super cute on little boys in my opinion.

I've also been giving my Kitchenaid a workout - much to S' delight, it hasn't turned out to be an expensive bench ornament. It really does make life and baking one hundred percent easier. This week I made a muesli slice following this recipe - - but varied slightly by halving the sugar, substituting maple syrup for honey and cornflakes/rice bubbles for muesli as I didn't have any on hand. Turned out perfectly, moist and crumbly as described and not too sweet. It was a big it with E.

I have a huge weakness for choc chip cookies and since I was young, my favourite recipe has been the one from the WW Beautiful Biscuits recipe book. I did however read about Highlander cookies/Kiwi Crisps over on The Mummy's blog Homemade Heart - Intrigued by the use of just 2 tablespoons of condensed milk I decided to give it a go. It was touch and go for awhile there and could have been a fail - I subbed bicarb for baking powder and was converting from NZ metrics - but thankfully turned out perfectly and the cookies were delicious, crumbly and almost like a shortbread.

Do you have a tried and true chocolate chip recipe you love?

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