Friday, July 12, 2013

Bargain of the week!

I'm not kidding, I just found the bargains of the week!

To preface, I've always loved the Leander and Stokke highchairs but have been happy enough with my Ikea antilop to avoid spending hundreds of dollars.

Today I received a newsflash from - a Queensland company who sell wooden furniture.

Well, I had a little browse and came across their Soho chair - same as the Leander and Stokke chairs but only $69.95 and then with a discount code I was given by a super shopper friend, a further 20% off. 

Of course I kept browsing and ended up snapping this table and chair set for $55

All up, $120 for the table set and high chair delivered - only $9.95 for shipping and I already have a dispatched email ( an hour after I purchased). What's not to love?

Sale is on to the 15 July and if you want the code, let me know. 

You can thank me later for your savings :)

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