Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I do best

As promised, its not all serious mothering and self-reflection here...

I have been adding to my 'mum' wardrobe - think lots of pants (practical for getting down to play/bending to pick up tossed food, toys & the boy), comfortable modest tops... you get the idea. Well, I added the ultimate 'mum' piece this past week (in my mind anyway)... a puffer vest! I know, I don't know myself these days. I was really excited about this piece... although I'm yet to wear it thanks to the Gold Coast's half assed attempt at Winter. I bought it from Country Road (of course) for two reasons... the Witchery one sold out so I didn't even get a chance to try theirs and two, because the fur is detachable. I didn't realise this when I tried it on and felt a bit Vegas showgirl with that much fuzz around my face and the way it made my hair sit up - I swear E was laughing at me as I tried it. Luckily for CR, a helpful enabler  Sales Assistant paused long enough to tell me the fur buttoned off. Well, I was sold - I know, I'm a tough cookie aren't I? I love the contrasting knitted back on this one that adds a little wow for me:

A week later of course, CR had one of their ever present sales. I was quite restrained and managed to cull my $700+ cart to these three items:

With the intention of getting these when my status voucher and spend and save come through (bound to be the next few weeks):

I didn't even browse the childrens' items for fear of a major blowout - E does not need another thread or stitch and I feared temptation of buying for my nieces given how adorable the CR girl's Winter range is.

I have always loved Country Road but my love has grown more since having bub. The vanity sizing can be a PIA but the clothes are (mostly) well-made, flattering cuts, fashionable/on trend without being to out there, suitable for work and play and reasonably priced if you wait for a sale/member offer.

On that token, I have never seen the fascination with Witchery and have maybe 1 or 2 items from them and that's it. I have just never found their cuts to fit me all that well (probably a good thing) although I live in hope.

Which chain store is your go to?

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