Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Queen's honours ...

My amazing papa was named on the Queen's honours list this long weekend!

He is now the proud recipient of an Medal of the Order of Australia and can use the letters OAM after his name.

There is a lengthy and involved process for one of these awards. You have to be nominated with a resume and supporting information including 4 referees. The nomination is then reviewed and if found deserving, the referees are contacted and requested to make a submission in support of the nomination.

I nominated him 2 years ago - yep, TWO YEARS! 

Taken from the 'Its An Honour' site...

The Order of Australia is the pre-eminent way Australians recognise the achievements and service of their fellow citizens.
Nominations to the Order of Australia come directly from the community: either individuals or groups.
Appointments in the Order of Australia are not made posthumously. However, a nomination will be considered if the person is alive when the nomination form is received by the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat at Government House in Canberra.
The 19-member Council for the Order of Australia then considers the nominations. The Council makes its recommendations, independent of government, direct to the Governor-General.
Awards in the Order of Australia are publicly announced on Australia Day (26 January) and the Queen’s Birthday public holiday (June).

I was hoping it would remain a surprise until the day as he pores over the newspaper each year on Australia Day & the Queen's birthday to send out congratulations to those he knows but turns out the committee write to ask if you will accept the honour and verify its accuracy. My dad is a very humble man so was shocked and overwhelmed to receive such an accolade. 

My mum organised a big celebratory lunch at Point Break at Burleigh Heads with all our family and dad's closest friends. The media came along too to interview dad and get some happy snaps of him, the family and the three grandkids who stole the show and most of the screen-time on the news last night.

Its such a privilege to be the daughter of a really wonderful community minded person and I am so very proud of my dad.

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