Monday, June 3, 2013

1st bday presents

The World's most spoilt little boy really doesn't need anything else... but of course, all the beautiful people in his life insist on gifting him something on his special milestone.

Its really hard to come up with ideas for us to buy let alone others but I've finally completed our presents for the big day.

We are giving E:

Tupperware stacking cups

Aldi tunnel tent activity set
Peter Alexander Sailor pjs

and the beautiful Teddy Bears Picnic book to commemorate his party

We are also going to purchase E a block of blue-chip shares that continue to rollover and reinvest the dividends so that at 18 or 21, he has a nest egg for a car, property, travel etc. I had heard about this suggestion from another friend and thought it was an excellent investment for E's future.

I have told most people in E's life that books are a lovely gift and would be very treasured by us. To me, books are a gift that keep giving year after year and create precious memories of childhood as we grow up. I love reading to E and there are so many beautifully written and illustrated children's books I look forward to sharing with him.

Other than books, I hate telling people gifts to buy but family and friends have been quite insistent so I will share some suggestions I have given after wracking my mind for ideas ...

 puppets are always lots of fun & good for learning

a sturdy wooden table and chairs for activities - grammy & granddad have already picked this to buy
 Little People provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play

 Wooden blocks for stacking and learning

Wooden musical instruments are a hit anytime any age

A quality easel for drawing - E may be a bit young for this though

Mike & Michelle's Playmates - I grew up listening to this in the car & want to share that with E 

 A Cosy Coupe - we bought one for his cousin Hayley for her 1st birthday and he and H 
were both enamoured of it instantly 
Wooden puzzles of any kind are fun, challenging and good for learning

If people are going to go to the effort and expense of buying E a gift, I want them to be gifts he will use and enjoy for some time, not a few weeks hence the request for wooden toys.

What do you generally buy for first birthday gifts? What did you buy for your bub's first birthday?

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