Monday, May 13, 2013

The light at the end of the tunnel

I know I must be the World's most unreliable blogger ...but to be honest, as amazing as life has been since we had Ethan, its been pretty tough too and I have found myself with very little time or motivation to blog.

Becoming a mother is pretty much the most incredible life changing experience... it's pretty lonely at times too. The spontaneity is gone from my life for the most part and with that, so have a few friends it seems. For a long period there during pregnancy and early days with a new baby, I felt very isolated (not in a postnatal way) from my former life and I was saddened by the shift even whilst being happier than I ever thought possible.

10 months on (I know, TEN MONTHS) and its not all doom and gloom though as one of my most important friendships has grown and cemented even further ... my sister and I have never been closer and she is my best and brightest cheerleader. I've also been lucky enough to connect with an amazing group of women and mothers across Australia that provide me with unquestioning support, friendship and advice. I've had the pleasure to meet a lot of them and their beautiful children in real life and look forward to meeting everyone else at some stage.

E's silent reflux continues to affect him (and subsequently us) but is manageable with the prescribed Losec which reduces the acid in his tummy and provides no other side effects. He loves food and I think I've mentioned previously, he took to it from its first introduction and continues to be a curious eater with a healthy appetite. We have realised that even now, we have to avoid acidic foods like tomato, citrus and yoghurt which still cause a flare up in his reflux and this can be harder than it would seem given tomato/tomato puree is used in quite a lot of cooking and means I have to get a bit more inventive in his meals. One of his favourites at the moment are homemade hamburger patties ... I use ground beef, a little sausage mince to keep it moist (beef dries out too much on its own), an egg and lots of grated vegies (carrot, zucchini etc). I make up a big batch and freeze them in mini portions as meatballs then we just defrost a serve as needed, pan fry them and serve. Ethan can't get enough of them. He's at a great age in his development where we can take him out for meals and give him samples of our plate ... we had a lot of fun a few Sunday's ago where he enjoyed a dumpling dinner with us and was a huge fan of the shredded duck and bean sprouts.

E remains a terrible sleeper, waking often during the night and difficult with daytime naps - some days are better than others. To this end, we are doing what works for our little family and what feels right to us... we  bf to sleep, co-sleeping and comforting as required. Its hard sometimes and disruptive to our sleep but we figure he is only going to be this young and dependent for such a short time in scheme of things and so to make the most of the extra cuddles. We are not entirely comfortable with 'training' him and prefer gentle methods. This is an entirely personal choice and its so important for families to do what works best for them without judgement from others. One of the sleep advisors I do have an affinity with is Dr Jay Gordon. His methods seem reassuring -

As Ethan grows, he changes so rapidly and last week things were looking very bleak as far as sleep whereas just this week, we are seeing some improvements and are getting more sleep overnight. His wakeups vary but some mornings (like today), we are lucky enough to get a sleep in till 7am.

Life is very very good overall and I have many blessings to be thankful for. Hopefully you will hear more of me in coming days as I have my first Mother's Day to post about including sharing some antics we got up to - my sister and I mixed it up with the boys and showed that motherhood hasn't made us boring ... pics included :)


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