Friday, May 17, 2013

So, I'm not really a real estate girl anymore...

Such a fraud I know.

After almost 15 years in the real estate industry, I've recently changed jobs and in doing so, industry also. Its a positive new chapter in my life and there are several exciting developments coming up in the next 6-12 months ... life is very very good but I can't tell you anymore than that right now.

But don't worry, its not all changes and big announcements here. I'm still a shopaholic ... here are a few of my latest favourite purchases:

The black skort and  jogging blazer in navy from Zara

In other news, I'm also selling Tupperware in all of my spare time. I have always been addicted to the pretty plastics of Tupperware - stems from my mother I'm sure who was a Tupperware dealer when I was small. My sister and I have never been able to resist the stuff and our houses are full of it. I've also never minded hosting or going to parties - I think its a great excuse to catch up with girlfriends (even if only 2 come) and you always get something free. On this basis, I also figured it wouldn't be a bad thing to earn some extra discretionary spending money that I can use to support my shopping... dressing Ethan is expensive when you shop as much as me ha ha. Turns out I'm a pretty good salesperson still and despite not pushing it at all (maybe during next round of mat leave), I have topped the group sales a few times, won a kitchen full of gadgets and goods (including the Compact Cookware set and the knife set) and made some $$. Its a win win I tell you plus Tupperware have some brilliant products I have come to love more than ever since having a baby in the house. Things like the fridge smarts which lengthen the life of chopped watermelon to days not hours and the good old Modular Mates that have my pantry looking organised when the rest of my house is chaos or even my mandochef which makes chips and salads fun and easy.

Are you a Tupper-addict? What's your favourite piece?

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