Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My new toy

I must say, Scott does spoil me and I'm very lucky ...

I have been ummming and ahhhhing over whether or not to buy a Kitchenaid mixer for what seems like forever now (years to be honest) but could never quite make a decision. A few months ago, I decided that I really did need a bench mixer but that it didn't have to be a KA - I just couldn't justify the price. With my first mother's day coming up, I decided to drop lots and lots of hints and make Scott's life easy. I researched like crazy, found several top options on sale, sent him pics and store details and waited patiently.

Mother's day comes and goes without a mixer. Imagine my shock after all my subtle (not) hints. Not wanting to appear ungrateful as I certainly was spoiled with my day spa gift, I remained silent but wondering why he didn't just get me the mixer (which was probably cheaper at sale price than the voucher).  Eventually it came up in our conversations and I asked Scott why he didn't get it for me for mother's day after all the hints. Sweetheart that he is told me he just expected me to buy one anytime I wanted and that he thought it would be beyond rude and chauvinistic to gift me a kitchen appliance on mother's day - awww bless.

So off I set to buy one of the mixers on my list. Turns out they weren't on sale anymore :( I did some more research and ended up negotiating a brilliant price on a highly reputed Sunbeam Planetary mixer (over $100 off). I paid for it then the store couldn't find any stock in their store or the other local one despite showing 5 on the computer... Finally after an hour of me waiting around, they offered a refund (kind of them). Ethan thankfully was in good spirits despite the stuff around but me, not so much, having to go home empty handed.

I was filling Scott in on the debacle that night when he told me to just go ahead and buy a KA if I really wanted to. We did some browsing online and came across some reasonable deals but while checking for local stockists, Scott realised he knew a store owner. After some quick wheeling and dealing with his friend, he came home from his soccer match the very next night with a shiny new empire red Kitchenaid!

After we decided to go ahead with a KA, the hardest part was trying to choose a colour! I love the cobalt blue, the pink, the apple green and the ice blue but I figured the silver and red options would be the most practical with any kitchen both now and in the future given it is designed to reside permanently on the bench. The red won out as Scott wants a red coffee machine when our current nespresso finally dies.

I can't wait to get cooking with it but don't know where to start - dinner rolls, brownies, cookies ... Do you have a KA or stand mixer? What is your favourite recipe to use it for?


  1. Haha that was us when we were picking a colour for our KitchenAid a few years ago - we ended up choosing the pistachio green but sometimes I still regret not getting the lilac LOL
    You will love your KA, I seriously do not know how I baked without mine! They are fabulous :) Cakes of any sort are definitely a highlight with the KA

  2. I know, such a hard decision ... First world problems right? :)
    I'm loving how pretty it looks on the bench and hopefully the tiny dictator will give me some time to use it this afternoon. X