Thursday, May 16, 2013

My first Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day dawned early ... Ethan was up 'ma ma ma' ing at the crack of dawn. Being Mother's Day, Scott very kindly took him and let me stay snuggled in bed for an extra couple of hours - bliss... especially on a cold miserable morning. I was then spoilt with breakfast in bed, a Bucks Fizz' and cuddles with both my boys.

Scott and Ethan bought me a beautiful card each (Scott out does himself with thoughtful cards and messages) and a 5 hour day spa voucher to enjoy in the coming weeks.

We had a packed schedule for the day with my first Mother's Day well and truly hijacked by two of my three little nieces so there was no time for a leisurely slow start once breakfast was eaten. It was time to shower, dress the boy (in the cutest little Country Road outfit I had bought him - my mother & Scott wanted him to wear something else but as I told them, 'he will wear what I decide, because I'M THE MOTHER' ha ha) and get all the gifts we had to tote around ready.

First stop at 10am was our niece's naming day at my in-laws home. It was a lovely ceremony with little Mollie looking very sweet in a party dress. Scott was godfather and I read a beautiful poem during while Ethan chased the dog and performed for all the guests - he laps up attention. We had time to stay after for a quick catchup with Scott's parents, aunt & uncle and his cousin and cousin's wife who is due anyday now with their first baby - a boy. It was lovely to speak with the soon to be mama and answer her questions, reassure her and generally offer some support. Before too long, it was time to hand out gifts and head off to our next event.

Royal Doulton Disney Minnie Mouse set for our niece

Kiehls gift pack for mother in law 

Stop 2 was my eldest niece's first birthday at her grandparents' (my sis in laws) property. There was a jumping castle, chickens, bird aviary ... Ethan was in heaven. It was also a lovely to catch up with all of our family and friends over a BBQ lunch. My sister and I enjoyed a bottle of Moet with lunch in celebration of our first Mothers Day ... which led to some dutch courage that came in handy.

The boys (my brothers, brother in law and friends) had decided to set up a super sized slip and slide in the yard as it was the perfect slope and length. We all watched on in laughter and then Karly and I, not to be outdone by the boys in the family, decided to give them a run for their money. In some borrowed swimmers, Karly and I (and soon after, my sis in law) were slipping and sliding with the boys much to everyone's surprise - well, not really surprise given we are known to jump to a challenge. Ethan came down a few times with me  as well and thought it was hilarious whereas the birthday girl wasn't so sure.

We (my sis and I & families) gifted birthday girl a ltd edition glitter Cozy Coupe 

Twas the night before Mother's Day book & Les Miserables DVD set for my mum
The afternoon ended on a very high note and we headed home to bath a very worn out little boy who fell asleep almost instantly.

My father and our best friend (and Ethan's godfather) joined us for a delicious dinner cooked by Scott - garlic pepper chicken with green beans and jasmine rice - and I promptly fell asleep after I finished eating waiting for 60 minutes to come on.

What a fabulous Mothers Day with wonderful memories made.

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