Saturday, January 5, 2013

Merry Belated Christmas and a happy new year people!

Merry Belated Christmas and a happy new year people!

After a lengthy hiatus - it's been a crazy time between work, being a mummy, Christmas, birthdays and a million other things - I return to you refreshed and motivated (this week anyway) to blog. I also have some decent tools to keep up with it - S bought me an iPad mini (amongst a whole lot of other things) for Christmas! I know, spoilt!

We started Christmas with new decorations this year ... We added a stocking for our beautiful baby and I decided the existing tree just didn't cut it (after putting it up and decorating it) so S surprised me with a new 7.5ft tree the following day ... Which meant I had to undecorate and pull down the old tree them assemble and decorate the new one - fun times :)

We did our usual Christmas Eve and day family celebrations and unsurprisingly, baby was ridiculously spoilt! With grandparents and 6 aunts and uncles, this was not a shock. I have to say though that I am still trying to find places to put toys and there are many still in boxes. It was also lots of fun to have our two nieces to share the special time with and buy gifts for.

S and I also had a (happy) reality check when at 10:30pm Christmas Eve, we realised we needed to assemble baby's Christmas present so he could actually have some fun with it. We resigned ourselves to the fact that this will be our Christmas Eve chore every year. It was worth it when baby saw his gift Christmas morning - his face lit up and he cooed with joy.

I also got ridiculously spoilt for Christmas from family and from Scott! My favourites include the Script's new cd and concert ticket (to go with my sis), Nike lunar glides and lots of Nike coloured running sock, Country Road rose gold sandals and vouchers,Glasshouse candle, Donna Hay and Women's Weekly cookbooks, Marc Jacobs Dot perfume pack and of course my iPad mini. The very best most beautiful gift I got was a huge frame filled with photos of baby that S put together and gave me from baby... So thoughtful.

I had the Best Christmas ever sharing it with my boys and family but the fun didn't end there... My whole family left after lunch and we headed to Lennox for camping as we do every year.

How did you spend Christmas this year and what was your favourite present?

And just for fun ... Here is my beautiful boy today ... So grown up now!

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