Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When did TV get so good?

There are some fantastic new tv shows I am loving on both Foxtel and regular TV...

GCB - i have just fallen hard for this show and am devastated to hear it has been cancelled after one season. Apparently it received quite a lot of US bible belt backlash as it focuses heavily on devout christian Texan women taking revenge on the woman who made their school days hell. Kristin Chenoweth is brilliant as a devout Christian torn between punishing the girl who made highschool hell and doing Gods will plus the rest of the cast is pretty great also - really well cast for their characters.

Up all night - too funny as its scarily accurate. S and I both watch this alternating between fits of laughter and knowledgeable nodding. I think every parent will be able to identify with this show! Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph make a great team for laughs along with Will Arnett. Unfortunately it's on at 10:30 so I recommend downloading the season or IQing it.

The B in apartment 23 - sharp, witty and great for laughs. I've only seen a few episodes but it's good entertainment.

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  1. I Love Dont Trust the B. So funny. I think also because I was a huge Dawsons fan when I was in high school so the nostalgic appeal maybe.