Saturday, September 29, 2012

Good news, 3 months and a long weekend

So the latest on my cervical cancer scare is that the results have come back and my OBGYN confirmed the lesions were Cin3 invasive being the worst possible however he is satisfied they removed all traces cleanly and he doesn't expect to find anything at my next checkup. Scary but positive definitely! Thankfully my doctor is confident it will not affect my fertility or pregnancy options and I will have nothing to worry about if I am diligent with having regular pap smears - 1 every 6 months for two years. I can tell you now, those appointments will not be ones I will put off and I suggest you all have the same attitude towards your checkups if you don't already - early detection is key as I have learnt.

On to brighter things, my beautiful baby is already 3 months old and an absolute joy and delight to observe. He is now laughing and so interactive, finding his voice and letting us know what he thinks of his surroundings. It also appears he is determined to skip crawling and go straight to walking with his favourite position being standing with one of us assisting - he actually bears his own weight for quite a long time and uses us for balance. After a whole day of holding him standing, I figured now was a good time to put together his Fisher Price rainforest jumperoo. It didn't take too much struggle and the smile on E's face was priceless - he loves his new big boy toy!

Scanning some of my usual mummy websites turned up thus brilliant little must have for me ... A family master plan diary - probably a little early for one of these but given how organised and over prepared I like to be, it can't hurt plus E already has appointments to track like swimming lessons, playdates and daycare with his Grammies.

It's been a busy long weekend for our household with S' parents returning from a month in Europe. They missed the birth of my sister in law's baby girl, Mollie, but only by a few days do their return was made even more special. E and his new cousin got very spoiled with lots of new clothes and bits. One of E's outfits was a Team GB Olympic team onesie which I thought was pretty great.

We entertained of course for the NRL grand final with my sis, sis in law and my older baby niece joining us while my brother, brother in law, father and uncles were all in Sydney at the game. We had a good mix of storm and doggies supporters including my gorgeous little niece dressed in her doggies pup singlet.

The viewing got pretty rowdy, particularly when the ear incident occurred and I was very happy the Storm won. It was good to see them win after all they went through with the cheating scandal and stripping of their premierships. I always felt sad for the players and coach about this - nobody discusses their salary with their workmates so I don't see how a football team would be any different.

Moving on, we are having some friends for a BBQ lunch, I still have to make a batch of lactation cookies and dye my hair before the day is over so I'd better get on to that!


  1. More info on this diary please! Sounds like its EXACTLY what I need!

    1. I know, great isnt it.
      I found it on Bambini Pronto but just google family master plan diary and a few places come up - all around $35.

  2. So glad that all is well with you, R!

    Bub is adorable!! 3 months already. Time flies.

    SSG xxx

  3. Thanks SSG :)
    I know, time is going far too quickly but yes, he is definititely adorable and everyday is more so!!

  4. Good to hear, that sounds positive! I must get my hands on that diary.

  5. Glad to hear everything is ok! My bub is 3 months old now too and finally sleeping a bit longer at night. Also want to get him a jumperoo but I thought he would be too young for it, I might have to get onto it sooner than first thought!

  6. It's so good to hear that it's looking positive with the results. I've been wanting to get a jumperoo for my little one too but just never got to it and now it might be too late as she is already 6 months old.

  7. I thought so too Rama that he would be too young but he is so strong that I figured I might as well assemble the one we were gifted and see how he went. The seat pocket is quite small and deep so pretty supportive for small Bubs.

    Simple little joy, I think it would be fine for Bubs up until they have really mastered crawling and don't want to be contained :)

  8. Has it be mentionedto yo if this strain of cervical cancer is part that all girls in Australia can now be immunised against? I'm a year and a half younger than you and just scrapped through age wise for the free vacination a couple of years ago. I wonder if this will make many ladies hink they don't need regular pap smears.
    Interestingky it is one of the first questions any GP, Obyn, gyno would ask me when seeing them re trying to fall pregnant...when was your last pap smear.

    1. It hasn't been mentioned but I actually had the 3 vaccinations a few years back also so it either didn't work or its not one of those strains I guess.
      Yep, I was asked by my Ob, GP etc when my pregnancy was first confirmed :)