Sunday, September 2, 2012

Frivolity and a serious note

I have few new purchases I need to share...

I popped up to harbourtown last week to buy S' fathers day present and randomly found myself in the Royal Doulton store - particularly dangerous to maneuver around with a pram! As soon as I walked in I spied a stack of nativity sets with a big sale sign. Now if you have read my old wish list posts you will know I have been lusting after one of these for a long time but $300 is a little steep for a nativity setting in my opinion. Well unbelievably, these ones were reduced to just $49.95! I know, ridiculous! I'm kicking myself for not buying a few as gifts or even for eBay resale. Knowing my sis and mum had also been interested in one previously, I did the right thing and tried to call them both but neither answered. Of course when my mum finally got in touch, she decided she wanted one so I called the store and 3 in NSW only to discover they were unsurprisingly sold out! Out of desperation I called Cairns and an amazingly helpful shop assistant confirmed they had one left and that she would do a phone order for me. These sets have got to be without doubt one of my best bargain buys.

Heading back to work soon a few days a week also means I need to invest in a quality breast pump in order to keep nursing bubba as I intend. My Tommee Tipee one has been great for the single occasional express to have a night off etc but it's not going to cut it for several times daily to feed bub and keep up my supply. Medela was recommended to me by both the ABA and many other mothers who had had success exclusively breast feeding once back at work. I bought the Swing model and so far so good, it's brilliant! Halves my expressing time thanks to its two phase action.

In other baby buys, I also invested in two Medela calma teats - bub had better love them at $25 each! They are supposed to mimic breast feeding in that baby has to suck to release the milk and it wont flow if bub isnt latched. I thought they might limit the air E gulps as he is quite a windy baby and I obviously want to limit any possible pain he gets as a result.

Still on baby buys, we bought a Tomy bath dam this week as bub has outgrown his baby bath and we have a big deep bath tub that will send us broke if we fill it every night. The idea of the dam is to allow you to fill only a section of the tub thus saving water but still giving a deep bath. I was so excited to try it as E loves bathtime but Unfortunately it didn't work for us. The bottom of our tub has little bumps (to provide some no slip I guess) and as a result, we couldn't get a seal for the dam base - so frustrating!

Another important purchase was an engagement present for M. M and I are both firm believers in traditional engagement gifts of crystal (she bought me a beautiful Vera Wang crystal centerpiece bowl) so when I spied the Waterford Vera Wang 'lace' toasting flutes, I knew they would be perfect. I was right, she loved them! I also bought her the Kikki K wedding notes book as I found it invaluable in keeping track of plans and details.

It hasn't all been frivolity and shopping in our household though. A few weeks ago I received some very sobering news that reiterated the importance of getting proper health checks regularly.

I had my 6 week check up after bub's birth with the usual pap smear. The Ob Gyn told me I was a model patient and I thought nothing more of it. A week or so later, she called me to advise that my results had come back with abnormalities and I would need to come in promptly to investigate further as they were high grade and certainly precancerous requiring surgery. There was also a chance the further investigation may show cancerous cells as well.

I was speechless, it certainly wasn't what I was expecting and came as quite a devastating shock. The C word scared the hell out of me - this couldn't be happening to me, I've just had a baby and he needs me, I can't be sick! S was very upset when I told him about the call but we agreed not to worry until we knew more. As it was through the public system that my results were found, i had to wait for them to set the further appointment and finally got notification of it for two weeks time. I couldn't put the C word out of my mind, particularly as both my mother and grandmother suffered from cervical cancers.

The week before my appointment I received notice that it had been cancelled and reset for three weeks forward - so four weeks after my results. I was advised my matter was urgent but this was the earliest they could see me. Understandably upset, I just wanted to know what was wrong with me. Meanwhile I had a call from the receptionist of the private Ob I saw throughout my pregnancy to remind me of my follow up checkup with him. I explained that I had already had a checkup and told her about the results came back. I advised that I didn't know what the next step was but that I had a future appointment to investigate further that had been put off. She advised the next step was a colposcopy and if I didn't want to wait, my Ob could carry it out as part of my checkup tomorrow.

My Ob went over the results with me, explained them in context and then advised the treatment steps depending on outcome. He then carried out the colposcopy and advised that it was unnecessary to wait for pathology in his opinion as I would need surgery regardless from what he could see. He recommended surgery for removal of the lesions and further treatment to be determined based on the pathology results from those after. He felt it was imperative to attend to the surgery as he knows we hope to have another baby and in his opinion, if not already cancerous, the lesions had the potential to turn very quickly. With this in mind, he scheduled my surgery for 9 days time through the private hospital he is affiliated with.

Still fearful I also felt relieved knowing we had a plan, action was being taken quickly and I was in the very best hands. My Surgery was Friday and according to my ObGyn, it went very well. I have a checkup next week to get my pathology results however he will get me in sooner if indicated. Fingers crossed my results come back with nothing more to worry about.

I wasn't going to post about this as I don't really cover the serious stuff too much but then I realised it was a good way to highlight to others the importance of regular pap smears. Im sure We are all guilty of putting them off but my results show that we really can't afford to. I'm only 30 and far too young for cancer I thought but turns out, maybe not. The good news is though, if the lesions did have cancerous cells, they were found early and treated quickly.

Part of me hasn't stopped freaking out since that very first phone call and I have shed more than a few tears in the privacy of my shower particularly for how cruel life can be in giving me the blessing of a baby then threatening my health so seriously. I am thinking positive thoughts though and am feeling confident for my appointment tuesday. In the meantime ladies, don't delay and put off your health checks - make an appointment with your doctor today if you haven't been for a while.


  1. R
    I am so sorry to hear you've been through so much.

    Take care and I am glad you've made a full recovery from surgery.

    SSG xxx

  2. Thank you for your post. I have been putting off having a Pap Smear for 5 years so a timely reminder to book in an appointment. Glad to hear you are all ok x

  3. Oh my goodness you poor thing! Life really sucks sometimes :(

    I hope the future is bright for you and no more scares!

  4. Oh, you poor thing, what an awful thing to go through.

    I'm so glad your Ob got onto it so quickly for you.

    For 5 minutes of being uncomfortable it's just not worth the risk in putting it off is it.


  5. Thank you ladies for your well wishes and absolutely agree, for 5 minutes of discomfort it could be life saving so please dont put these things off.
    Will be sure to keep you updated.

  6. Been there. Had the colposcopy... Was super scary too.
    Lucky no surgery for me but it was a big kick up the bum I needed. 10 years on I never miss a pap test.
    So glad it was found early and you should be fine!
    Take care love. xxx

  7. I'm so glad your OB was more helpful for you, I couldn't imagine what that wait must have been like!

  8. I've read your blog for a while but never commented. Oh dear, am sorry to hear about all that you have been through. I'm sending you good vibes for your path results. And this definitely is a reminder to have regular pap smears. Take Care

  9. Thank you for sharing, and this post is probably the one thing to have scared me into getting the motivation in making an appointment to get a test, as I've never had one.. at 26 years old *guilty* :(

    Fingers crossed that your next post will say that everything is a-ok!

  10. Hugs x
    Still thinking of you & keeping my fingers crossed x
    Regular pap smears really are essential - thanks for reminding everyone

  11. So sorry to hear you've been going through this. I hope you got great news from your follow up appointment.

    My last pap smear was so painful I even bled for weeks and considered never having one again. But your post really shows the importance of not missing a pap. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.


  12. I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Thank you so much for being brave enough to blog about your ordeal. And showing us women how important it is to keep having a pap smear, no matter how uncomfortable

    Leah xo