Saturday, September 22, 2012

Etsy comes through again

As I've mentioned here before, we are having bubba baptized in the Catholic faith.

Of course this means I need to find the perfect outfit and accessories. Having had wonderful success with the invites from Etsy, it made sense to browse the site for suitable attire as well and of course, it didn't disappoint.

I love these ones:


I also have to source a candle for the ceremony and found this on Etsy..,

Isn't the text beautiful!

Now, is anyone here familiar with Catholicism? I was baptized etc but not up on the 'rules' and my question is, would the Church accept 5 godparents rather than the standard 4? There is another person who has become a very big and special part of E's life that I think would carry out the role very seriously and I would love to include them. I know celebrities have more than 4 regularly but not sure if this recognized.


  1. They actually have some really cute baptism outfits in Target at the moment!

  2. Thanks for the tip - didn't even think to look there! :) x