Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bargains and baby buys amongst other things

First of all let me start by saying thank you to everyone for your comments, emails and well wishes on my last post. Your kindness and thoughts mean a lot to me. I'm especially glad to read though that my post has inspired others to have regular checks and not put off their pap smear. I will share any updates as I get them.

Now on to the fun stuff...

My wardrobe has a severe lack of breast feeding friendly dresses as I discovered last Sunday when trying to find an outfit to wear to my niece's baptism. With this in mind I dragged S from store to store yesterday looking for suitable dresses to add to my nursing wardrobe.

I love Target for toys, homewares, DVDs etc but have never really bought a lot of clothing there for some reason. So you can imagine my surprise when after a quick scan I found 4 perfect dresses with stretchy or buttoned necklines. Even better, there was 20% off so I got all 4 for just $110. I know, crazy!

A shopping trip wouldn't be complete without purchases for bubba also of course. I loved the Target winter line of Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar outfits so imagine my delight when I saw the summer range! Bubba now has two new lime green summer suits - much to his Grammy's (my mother) disgust as she hates the colour green (so much so that she switches his dummy if he wears the green one around her.

E and I have a little morning play time ritual followed by story time before his nap and while our favorites are 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and 'Love you forever', I love adding new books to his collection. I came across two gorgeous series by Trace Maroney - 'Things I love about...' and 'When I feel ...'. They have a thoughtful message, colorful illustrations and even a notes section for parents to discuss the theme. I bought a few to get E's collection started given they are just so cute as well as practical.

eBay is still my friend of course and I picked up a new Kiddopotamus change mat wallet from a UK online store for just $12 including postage. Perfect for on the go I figured.

It was a productive day all round with S and i also getting Bubba enrolled in swimming lessons. He can't start till he is 4 months old but being an overplanner and organiser, I feel more comfortable having the arrangements made well in advance. Lesson is a loose word for what is actually 30 minutes of water play with daddy for bub to increase water awareness and get him used to water going over his head etc. Either way, confidence and safety in the water is a major priority for us given my parents have a pool and we spend a lot of time at the beach.

My bargain photo book from Cudo also arrived today and I can't believe the quality! For $25, it is a brilliant keepsake and I can't wait to get the others I ordered. Such a great way to display and keep holiday, event and family photos. I can see us ending up with an encyclopedia style set of E in no time.

Here are some recent pics of bubba for fun...

sorry some of the pics are up the wrong way - blogging on my iphone :)


  1. E is growing so fast!

    I had to laugh because we're on the same page regarding books and swimming lessons. The pool I go to as classes called Aqua Taddies and I've got the brochure and everything, for when bub is 6 months.... Which will be the middle of 2013.

    I had to stop myself from buying the Caterpillar suits because poor bub already has so many of the Caterpillar toys as it is.

    Am off to get some books this week to read to bub as well.

    SSG xxx

  2. I know, scary isn't it? Cant believe he will be 3 months old on Friday.

    LOL great minds and all that :) I just cant help being over-organised ... especially when it comes to bubba and things for him.


  3. Your baby looks so so gorgeous!!! :)