Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bits and bobs

Had a quick catchup with my bestie C this week. We met at Harbourtown so i could pick up S' fathers day gift. While we were there we of course stopped by the Oroton store. I couldn't believe when I glimpsed the coral coloured clutch I had been searching for the past year was on display and at half price (previously shown on my blog wish list a while back). Reluctantly I passed however due to a major upcoming expenses this week. C, being my best friend and knowing me better than almost anyone knew how much I wanted the clutch and offered to buy it for me. Brushing aside my protests she insisted that she had been looking for a special way to show me her appreciation for a few things I did for her after her daughter was born and this was perfect. So now I am the proud owner of this gorgeous Anouk coral clutch... So spoilt!

Unbelievably, Bubba is now 10 weeks old. I'm very much in shock as to how quickly the has gone and how big my little boy is now. He is really starting to set a bit of a routine for himself and some nights I am getting a great block of sleep. He is still a brilliant feeder so the nursing couldn't be better and the best part of all, he is the smiliest little angel. From first thing in the morning his face lights up and he starts cooing... Without a doubt the best way to start the day.

My sister in law mentioned the other day that she had bought some Photo book deals from Cudo for under $25 each. What a great way to display my 2 million photos of our Japan honeymoons last year, all our other much loved pics and most importantly, the gazillion photos of my precious bubba. Better than having them all sit in iPhoto with just a few displayed around the house. So I snapped up a few and spent the week collating the albums. I am so super happy with the results and it was so ridiculously easy to put them together. Given how simple they are to create and the cheap price, I figure I can do a book for every 6 months of E's life and end up with a beautiful encyclopedia type collection on our shelves.

It was S' first fathers day today so i really felt the pressure of finding the perfect gift. A few voguettes got cufflinks with their little ons hand and footprints embossed but S doesnt use cufflinks all that much so it seemed a waste. Instead i decided to get S a dad bag. As he will have bubba one full day while I am back at work and has no desire to use my Oroton baby bag, it seemed a good idea to get him his own baby bag. I ended up getting him a mid size sports bag from Nike and stocked it with his own set of bubba's essentials: wipes, change mat, spare clothes, dummy and sterilizer pod, nappy bags, nappies etc. we also through in some socks and a new tee. S seemed pretty pleased with his own 'to go' baby kit. It will also be perfect for when he and bub start swimming lessons in a couple of months. We celebrated the day with a brekky BBQ at my parents house then S bub and I went shopping and for lunch. Now just winding down with a cider after bather our little angel.


  1. Oh my!!!!

    Bub has grown so quickly. He's so bubbly and full of life.

    Hope you had a perfect first Father's Day as a family.

    SSG xxx

  2. Oh my gosh, he is too cute! Look at those smiles!

    The Father's Day present sounds perfect! x

  3. Thank you lovelies :)
    I know, bubba is just thriving!!!
    We had a wonderful fathers day - thank you.

  4. What a cutie! Love that bag too.

    Hope you all had a fabulous day together.

    TDM xx