Sunday, August 12, 2012

A bit of everything

I've been a bit quiet at this end as I'm using every spare moment that bubba E is napping to pack up and clean our house in ready for our big move. Especially as its now happening a week earlier - this Friday being the big day! I can't wait to have linen cupboards, an extra living area and another bedroom!

In exciting news, my gorgeous bestie M is engaged! I know, so wonderful. She is on 5 weeks holiday in Greece with her fam and partner - jelly much? He proposed at the Acropolis with a spectacular ring and of course she said yes - cant wait till she gets back so I can give my congratulations in person.

I had to top up my wardrobe this week - I am running out of clothes that fit me since I am now below pre pregnancy weight and am sick of wearing navy grey and black which seems to be all I own in bf friendly clothes. Thankfully the husband took pity and spoilt me with some pieces from Country Roaf. I finally jumped on the coloured jeans bandwagon and got a pair in aquamarine and a pair in washed coral along with a black and a white tee ... And I couldn't resist a little blue polo for bubba E for spring (paired with some RL Polo chinos for his cousins' christening). Loving my coloured jeans and can't believe I took so long to join the trend! They are just so fresh and wearing some colour makes me feel like its springtime.

I am also weighing up doing a Topshop order ... Can anyone tell me if the Melbourne store does phone orders? There are few tops I now NEED to complete my wardrobe.

Speaking of, I also have two dresses calling my name at Trenery so will probably bite the bullet and order these tomorrow. One even looks bf friendly.

In sad news, we said goodbye to S' grandad this week (93) and another dear family friend. Never nice but highlights how important it is to make each day count and be thankful for it.

Bubba E us doing great! Absolutely thriving packing on 500g a week. We both survived his 6 week immunisations Thank goodness although I did need to take my mum to dry my tears. E at 7 weeks is now really responsive and is smiling, laughing and making all sorts of sounds ... It's amazing how quickly they develop. E is also a bit of a party boy - sleeps all day up all night so we are working on separating night and day for him still. Sadly he also seems to suffer from some reflux we have noticed which is causing him significant discomfort when we put him down at night in his bassinet even though it's propped up - he wakes every single time and cries. So in the interest of his comfort and saving our sleep, I picked up a Fisher Price Rock n' play on sale at half price and so far so good. A hammock type rocking contraption with a good incline seems to be providing E with much more comfort than the fancy expensive bassinet we have - isn't that always the way ha ha.

That's it for me for now ... Will be back with more after I get this move done .