Monday, July 9, 2012


What a whirlwind fortnight or so it has been!

From a household that once thrived on 10 hours sleep a night, we have had to make a major adjustment to surviving on 5 maybe 6 if we are lucky. Bub seems to have his day and night around the wrong way so has his biggest stretches during the day - when everyone comes to visit. Instead i am now resorting to blogging instead of sleeping at 4am.

That said, i cannot think of a single other downside to becoming a mummy and when i think about it, the lack of sleep isnt so bad because it means more awake time to just sit and look at my beautiful baby.

You can (like me), read every book, article, website and blog out there but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming love and wonder that hits everytime you look at the perfect little person you created.

Its been an amazing time since we left the hospital. Leaving the hospital and arrivibg home all feels like a bit of a dream and you keep thinking, are they really letting me leave with this defenceless little baby and what an earth am i supposed to do with it.

After the first few days of springing up everytime bub so much as blinked, we have relaxed into a pretty comfortable routine of sorts. Bub is all over the place sleep and feed wise but by going with the flow, responding to his demands and not overthinking the whole thing, i am comfortable, bub is happy and life is great.

I have found with some good multitasking, i can still get an enormous amount done and we have enjoyed quite a lot of outings to lunch with friends, shopping and even a couple of hours at my office getting sone work done. I also get quite alot done at home and have even got his announcement cards completed and ready to send.

Bub loves his bouncer which means i get an uninterupted shower and brekky each morning and is quite happy to sleep in his capsule or pram bassinet when we are out and about. Particularly handy as i have been able to get all my Christmas shopping done for him, my nieces and a few other littles ones - the toy sales are too good not to take advantage of.

The nursing is also going wonderfully well with bub and i completely compatible and having no problems on this score so far.much to my joy. We are going to get started on expressing later this week so fingers crossed its as easy as the nursing. I have bought the Tommee Tipee electric pump to try as although i originally wanted the Medela Swing, this was too good a price to pass up.

The only problem with nighttime nursing is that it has reignited my love affair with ebay. Online shopping is dangerous at tge best of times for me but im finding particularly at 2am when you're half asleep. This weekend i 'won' a Country Road maxi i missed out on instore and a gorgeous checked Cue dress with peplum at the waist for when I go back to work. I also managed to add about 40 items to my watch list. Like i said, dangerous.

Surprisingly i have also had to do a big wardrobe cleanout and dump all my mat clothes. I was fully expecting it to take a couple of months to get back to my old size and into a lot of my old clothes but strangely enough, most of the weight was gone by day 2 and im now definitely smaller than i have been in years. Not sure if its breast feeding or just good genes but my mum tells me that she never got back to her pre preg size 12 after 4 kids and stayed an 8 to 10 instead - cant say thats a bad thing!

Anyway, back to my 4:30 am feed. . .


  1. Glad to hear its all going well! Amazing how we learn to survive on so little sleep!
    Love that a NB sleep all the time! It does change though... But it also does keep getting better!

  2. So happy to hear that all if going well. And I agree with Sammie, motherhood will keep on getting better. Enjoy the newborn days because time will fly. :)

  3. So glad to hear its all going so well. Sounds like you are a natural :-)

    Lol at the late night shopping! Love it!

  4. Sounds like everything is going well. Good on you for dropping the weight so quickly even if you weren't trying to loose it!), thats awesome!!
    Keeping ebaying!

  5. Love hearing about your first thoughts as a mother, I hope everything continues to go so smoothly for you :-) It's still so exciting to think of you with a baby :-) xx

  6. Thanks lovely ladies for the comments and encouragement!
    I apologise for all the spelling mistakes ... 4am blogging in the dark will do that I guess :)
    Also, sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs but keep up the posts cause I am definitely reading and enjoying all your updates. x

  7. Glad to hear everything is going so well!

    SSG xxx

  8. Not sure if this the first time I've commented
    So hi!!
    Glad to read things are travelling well for you and your family :)