Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little bit of everything

Here are some of my thoughts, things to be done and just the usual random ramblings you all know me so well for...

Firstly, what a pain in the a$$... our washing machine decided to stop working last Saturday! Grrrrr and what perfect timing with a new baby that goes through clothes like you wouldn't believe. I am now thanking God that I didn't stick with my virtuous plans of clothe nappies or our household really would be in dire straits. Thankfully I am one of those people that always buys the extended warranty on electronics (not that I have ever used one) so we had a repair man out today who attended to what turned out to be a broken pump! The repair man was particularly helpful and fixed a few other little faults for me too so now we are back in business with a load of bub's things on as I type (thankfully I did overindulge in baby clothes or he would be in just a singlet and blanket by now!).

Tragedy! Darrell Lea are closing! Is everyone else sad about this too? While I'm not a frequent DL buyer, I love their caramel snows and they are a bit of an Aussie institution... Bo Peeps were always a special treat when we were younger and my dad loves their liquorice so its a family thing to buy it for him every special occasion (fathers day, birthday, easter etc). Need to make sure I get instore in the coming days to stock up on a few supplies in case a buyer isnt found for our local stores. What is your favourite DL treat?

I have fallen in love with Donna Hay again! Not that I ever fell out of love, more that I got lazy with my cooking but given I am watching a lot more TV than I ever have, I came across her show Fast Simple Fresh once again last night so I IQ'd it to watch during the 2am feed and reignited my love for her style of cooking. I have pulled out my FSF cookbook to go through this afternoon in the hope of doing some meal planning before groceries on the weekend. If you haven't come across Donna's cookbooks or TV show yet, get on the bandwagon as the food is fabulous and as the title says, SIMPLE!

Aldi... you may have read my previous posts about Aldi not being a favourite of mine but I have to be honest, this may attitude may be shifting and my bad feelings may just be resultant of my local store. I have mentioned here before how I always feel overwhelmed, crowded and put off whenever I try to go to our store but a few weekends ago, I went to my sister's local store as she needed cleaning supplies and I was pleasantly surprised by how open, uncrowded and well displayed it was. Enough at least to convince me to go back there next time I need Aldi supplies. Mum also picked us up a room thermometer from Aldi for bub - they sold out Gold Coast storewide very quickly but she came across one at her local store yesterday for only $20 and it seems equivalent to the Gro Egg in that it lights up to the appropriate colour for the temp and given the price, I'm happy to give it a go. I am persevering with Aldi and keep reading the Vogue thread to motivate me... apparently the cast iron dishes are a must have but I'm not convinced yet.

In other news, I actually bought one of those Scoopon specials this week. I used to get all the updates but never bought anything then got sick of the constant emails so unsubscribed myself. My sis in law then let me know last week they were having a special on photo canvas' for $19 each. Thinking they will be perfect to have some of bub's photos printed on, I bought 3 for $56 so now just have to wait on receiving all the photos and trying to choose just a few. Speaking of bub's photos, I am also keen to get his hands and feet cast and framed before he gets to big... do any Gold Coasters read this blog? If so, can you recommend where I can have this done?

Now that my pregnancy is over and I can eat most things once more (still being a little cautious as I'm breastfeeding), I am determined for S to take me to Bazaar at QT for brunch sometime very soon! 'Bazaar re-creates a traditional marketplace with a twenty-first century twist.' I hear nothing but great things about this restaurant so if your planning a visit to the Glitter Strip anytime soon, add it to your list. I will post back a review and some pics if I manage to organise S to take me :)

Its another cold miserable winter's day here so bub and I are staying home in the warmth hence the extra post - bub is sleeping and I haven't been able to so am catching up on my online entertainment instead. I rephrase that, bub is supposed to be sleeping but I hear him stirring so I'm off now for mummy time.


  1. So sad about Darell Lea.
    Stay warm!

    SSG xxx

  2. LOVE the peanut brittle bars from Darrell Lea! I hope they find a buyer.

    I feel the same way you used to about Aldi, perhaps I need to try a different store too?!