Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Still Shopping

Despite having a 13 day old and recovering from labour (which was no cakewalk but let's face it, the outcome far outweighs the a few/12odd hours of pain), I am still shopping up a storm ... Which reminds me, I haven't been on eBay for awhile.

I have picked up a few necessities in the past few days and bear with me as I'm posting from my phone so can't/havent figured out the picture control yet so expect they will all display at the bottom.

Side note: what on earth did nursing mothers do before iPhones? It's my best friend at 3am while feeding bubba and trying to stay awake. In exciting developments, I discovered the TomKat breakup as it was breaking at 4:30am on twitter in the US. I was so tempted to wake up S to share but didn't think he would appreciate it.

After much research and then pain trying to track down a Freedom Relax chair (another side note, I will never purchase from Freedom Furniture after the most shoddy incompetent service from 3 separate stores & head office) I gave up. Mum and I were supposed to head to Ikea to inspect the poang and Pello chairs but I then ended up having to be induced that day so had no feeding chair when I got home from hospital. Our lounge sufficed abut was a little too comfy and I could tell my back was going to suffer before too long. My very amazing mother did me the worlds biggest favour and drove to the nightmare that is Ikea to buy me a chair. After much deliberation she settled on the poang in dark frame and chocolate cushion. I cannot tell you how much I love this chair! It is ideal for feeding and gives me back great support. Its also a great price at around $159 with different colour and texture options. Bub and I are very happy with this chair so far and I highly recommend it to new mothers.

Now with all these toy sales and a new baby, how are S and I expected to resist? Now bubba is going to get super spoiled by his grandparents it goes without saying so S and I just wanted to get a few key gifts for our boy. I carefully perused all catalogues and after consultation with my mother (an expert in shopping and children), we decided on two -

Little tikes activity garden: my mum has run childcare centers in the past and recalls that 15 years ago this toy was the best item in both the babies and toddlers rooms as children from 6months till at least 2 could use this to play on/in, pull up on etc. Everyone else must have thought or known the same as Target and Myer sold out Australia wide in these within a week. Mum tells me apparently these havent been available for some 15 years in Australia that she knows of hence their popularity.

Adjustable trike: we camp every year over Christmas with fam and friends in Northern NSW and these trikes are ideal to move the kids around the park to visit the others sites or just go for a walk. As it grows to use for a 3 year old we figure bub (and us) will have lots of use for and fun with this one.

We also needed a new rug for our lounge room as the previous one was transferred to Bubs room if u recall (for the person who asked me, the green rug was from deals direct online - I can't figure out how to get back to the old post to reply to your comment on my phone). We bought a huge plush chocolate one with creamy swirls in it at Masters as it covers the area well and tones in to our colour scheme. It will be nice for bub and I for playtime too. Now just have to wait for its arrival.

I am also now in the market for some shopping for me ... There is a gorgeous blue & white stripe Tokito skirt my sis bought that I need to get around to buying. I also need some breast feeding friendly tops that will keep me warm for winter and will probably need some new bottoms too - no kidding, the weight has melted after bub and I am already back in my pre-preg skinny jeans while my leggings are almost falling down.

I'm also in the market for a breast pump and am tossing up the medela swing or the Tommee tippee - any experiences? I have also just been reading about the Medela calma teat that supposedly best represents the breasts action requiring bub to work for a 'let down' so need more info on this.

That just about covers me at the moment except to say that I am loving motherhood and my beautiful boy is a dream. The nursing couldn't be better and we are having a wonderful time bonding and getting to know each other.


  1. Sounds like your first two weeks have been a breeze :-) Glad you and bub are enjoying yourselves. And really impressed that you've dropped some weight! Would be nice to know it's something you don't have to think about :-)

    1. thanks Miss - the 2 weeks have been great and so happy about the weight! Like you said, another thing not to worry about :) xx

  2. So glad the first weeks have been such a success!

    I was almost going to order a recliner and foot stool from Freedom.....

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks SSG - it will be your turn before too long.
      I had disastrous runins with Freedom - enquired online, no reply after a week. Went instore found out product was discontinued despite showing available online. They tracked down one at another store and place hold. Call other store to arrange pickup and they had sold it. Find other store showing stock go to collect and no stock. Call customer service and get a rude young girl who basically said too bad too sad unless you live in Perth. Left a very bitter taste :( /maybe you might have a better experience with them?

  3. That activity garden looks lovely.

    As for breast pumps, I have the medela swing. I used it with my first and am still using it with my second bub. He is almost 10 months old and I'm still pumping during the day while I'm at work. Have no complaints. I don't know what I'd do without my Medela pump :)

    1. Thanks for the tip :) I ended up getting the TT for a ridiculous price so thought I'd give it a go and invest in the Medela if need be down the track.