Monday, July 30, 2012

I couldn't resist

I get what seems like a million emails each week from Pumpkin Patch offering some sort of promotion but since a big order early on in my pregnancy, I have been quite restrained. Well up till now anyway. My own mother acted as my enabler and I ended up buying baby E a summer, autumn and winter (next year) wardrobe. There was just so many gorgeous cargos, pants, jeans, tops and hats that I could see bub looking adorable in. Unfortunately it seems to have ignited a shopping frenzy for boys wear and I am now scouting for Ralph Lauren, Country Road and Paul Frank gear.

This week E and I met up with my sis in law, 3 other girlfriends and all their Bubs to see Magic Mike. Our local Event cinemas offer babe in arms sessions for $8.50 every Wednesday in Vmax. Baby E wasn't to sure about it all to start with and there were tears but he soon settled and went to sleep like most of the other Bubs. It was a bit strange being at a movie with our babies my sis in law and I agreed but its a fantastic offering by the cinema (as evidenced by the enormous crowd) particularly in Vmax as it provided the extra space to nurse bub. Unfortunately the movie was average and really quite bland apart from a naked Channing Tatum of course who is absolutely divine! As the ecard says in reference to The Vow ...if I woke up from a coma and Channing said we were married, I wouldn't question that. Of course a girls day out isn't complete without a visit to Max Brenner for chocolate sustenance so we all enjoyed a chocolatey treat and gossip while our good little bubbas all slept :)

I also finally got around to making lemon squares from my beloved AWW Beautiful Biscuits book I have used since I was 10. Thinking the recipe seemed light on I decided to double it so now instead of a lamington tray size slice I have a family lasagna sized slice! Needless to say that everyone I visited this week got a supply of lemon squares.

Friday also was E's 6 week birthday and as such, time for his immunizations. Like any first time mother, I enlisted my own mother to come to the doctors appointment with us so I didn't have to face Bubs tears and distress on my own and also do I had someone to dry my tears while I tried Es. My mum is just a super capable ultra relaxed mum and she took charge for me, kept E relaxed then held him while he had his needles, comforted him through the tears then passed him to me to nurse. Poor bubba found it all quite a shock and cried himself to sleep. He had some unsettledness throughout the day but slept well that night and seems good 24 hours later.

In sad news for me, my bestie M is now enroute to Greece for 5 weeks - definitely not sad news for her! Hoping she has the best holiday ever but missing her already.

Not much else to share as I am busy packing up our home and doing a cull as I go.

Will try and come up with something more interesting to talk about next time :)

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