Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elusive caramel snows & other news

I finally got my caramel snows - after a third visit to Darrell Lea in search of caramel snows, one of the very kind staff advised they were virtually extinct but that there may be a shipment coming in and took my name to set aside some supplies if they did. Happily, I now have my caramel snows but don't worry, I only got two packs and am planning on rationing them over a long period as let's face it, all that sugar goes a long way.

It's been a week of first this week:

S and I left bubba for the first time! We left him with my mum for a few hours on Monday afternoon to enjoy the latest Batman movie. It was a bit strange to be without my baby for any length and I admit to being a bit teary near the end but it was lovely to have some time out with S knowing that bub was in the very best possible hands. Turns out he took his bottle of EBM no problem and slept most of the time. Oh yeah, the movie was pretty fantastic too! A very dark story I thought but Chris Nolan assembled a.brilliant and talented cast. I did pick a few parts of the ending but the twist still got me. Definitely a must see although sad its the end of the franchise and even more sad that someone cast such a tragic shadow over the movie itself.

In other firsts, bubba slept thru! FYI Sleeping thru for a newborn is missing a feed or 5 hours. Tonight he went down at 9pm and slept till 2am, was up to feed the back asleep from 2:30 till 5:30am. I'm still in shock from the overload of continuous sleep I think as bub is a great daytime sleeper but nighttime his pattern goes something like 3 hours 2 hours 1.5 hours. We can only hope he keeps up the new pattern.

In other news, we are moving to bigger digs in 4 weeks! While I'm not thrilled about moving house with a new baby, we will have an extra bedroom, rumpus, garage and abundance of storage. The biggest bonus however is that it is across the road from my parents which is going to be a huge help with bub when I go back to work. My parents are great and very much the non intrusive type with very busy lives of their own so we won't end up in each others pockets.

That's my update for now but will try and get some posts happening with photos again.

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  1. I bet your mum loved every minute of her babysitting!

    Exciting re the move! Yay for more space :-)