Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cooped Up

The poor weather combined with what seems to be a 3 week growth spurt for bubba has rendered us house bound for a few days. Its cold windy and rainy on the Coast and my beautiful boy is limiting himself to catnaps and only sleeping for lengthy periods snuggled in my arms so it seems best to stay in.

Not getting out means i haven't made it to Darrell Lea yet and am now worried I might miss out on my caramel snows. Fingers crossed I can get there tomorrow -  with S off this might be doable.

I also need to get to Target for some of their brand dry shampoo. At a ridiculous $2, the voguettes are raving about its performance and lets face it, my showers arent the 30+ minute affairs they used to be so this can only help me minimise grooming time. I will let you know if it lives up to the hype.

Homebound means the groceries were done online and I must say, as someone who goes to Coles instore, I enjoy Woolworths online much more. Looking back on my grocery list though, i must be planning to be at home a fair bit next week as there is a lot of baking ingredients on there. Looks like I will be making chocolate slice, lemon squares and choc chip cookies from my trusty Womens Weekly Beautiful Biscuits. Also on the list are scones, strawberry and cream cupcakes and apple and cinnamon muffins. Might have to space the baking out though or hope for lots of visitors. Will try to remember to photograph some of the treats and post back.

Obviously to fill my days, I have been watching a lot of daytime tv and sadly even with foxtel, there is not alot on to keep me entertained. That said, S has got us addicted to the A&E channel. With gems such as Pawn Wars, Storage Wars and Hardcore Pawn, its like watching a car crash - so bad but you just cant look away. There was a guy on Hardcore Pawn that hocked his prosthetic leg for $50! I find that both sad but also crazy.

Being on mat leave is amazingly actually saving me some money . . . I have gotten out for a few lunches but as I worked in the Coast's central dining area, I used to dine out almost every weekday. Not being able to duck to the shops without some planning and Having to prepare lunch at home regularly is leaving me a little stuck for inspiration though - my wonderful mother has very kindly stocked me up with batches of homemade minestrone but I need some other ideas so I dont end up eating pasta or the like every day. Suggestions please?


  1. You should look at Stonesoup blog Aussie girl who has fantastic lunch, dinner etc cooking ideas minimum time and ingredients plus max taste.

  2. Must get on that $2 Target dry shampoo to try. Do they have coloured ones? I'm brunette.
    Lunch ideas... How about some quiches or frittatas? Do they freeze well? I'm not the most knowledgable domestic goddess :)