Monday, July 30, 2012

I couldn't resist

I get what seems like a million emails each week from Pumpkin Patch offering some sort of promotion but since a big order early on in my pregnancy, I have been quite restrained. Well up till now anyway. My own mother acted as my enabler and I ended up buying baby E a summer, autumn and winter (next year) wardrobe. There was just so many gorgeous cargos, pants, jeans, tops and hats that I could see bub looking adorable in. Unfortunately it seems to have ignited a shopping frenzy for boys wear and I am now scouting for Ralph Lauren, Country Road and Paul Frank gear.

This week E and I met up with my sis in law, 3 other girlfriends and all their Bubs to see Magic Mike. Our local Event cinemas offer babe in arms sessions for $8.50 every Wednesday in Vmax. Baby E wasn't to sure about it all to start with and there were tears but he soon settled and went to sleep like most of the other Bubs. It was a bit strange being at a movie with our babies my sis in law and I agreed but its a fantastic offering by the cinema (as evidenced by the enormous crowd) particularly in Vmax as it provided the extra space to nurse bub. Unfortunately the movie was average and really quite bland apart from a naked Channing Tatum of course who is absolutely divine! As the ecard says in reference to The Vow ...if I woke up from a coma and Channing said we were married, I wouldn't question that. Of course a girls day out isn't complete without a visit to Max Brenner for chocolate sustenance so we all enjoyed a chocolatey treat and gossip while our good little bubbas all slept :)

I also finally got around to making lemon squares from my beloved AWW Beautiful Biscuits book I have used since I was 10. Thinking the recipe seemed light on I decided to double it so now instead of a lamington tray size slice I have a family lasagna sized slice! Needless to say that everyone I visited this week got a supply of lemon squares.

Friday also was E's 6 week birthday and as such, time for his immunizations. Like any first time mother, I enlisted my own mother to come to the doctors appointment with us so I didn't have to face Bubs tears and distress on my own and also do I had someone to dry my tears while I tried Es. My mum is just a super capable ultra relaxed mum and she took charge for me, kept E relaxed then held him while he had his needles, comforted him through the tears then passed him to me to nurse. Poor bubba found it all quite a shock and cried himself to sleep. He had some unsettledness throughout the day but slept well that night and seems good 24 hours later.

In sad news for me, my bestie M is now enroute to Greece for 5 weeks - definitely not sad news for her! Hoping she has the best holiday ever but missing her already.

Not much else to share as I am busy packing up our home and doing a cull as I go.

Will try and come up with something more interesting to talk about next time :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elusive caramel snows & other news

I finally got my caramel snows - after a third visit to Darrell Lea in search of caramel snows, one of the very kind staff advised they were virtually extinct but that there may be a shipment coming in and took my name to set aside some supplies if they did. Happily, I now have my caramel snows but don't worry, I only got two packs and am planning on rationing them over a long period as let's face it, all that sugar goes a long way.

It's been a week of first this week:

S and I left bubba for the first time! We left him with my mum for a few hours on Monday afternoon to enjoy the latest Batman movie. It was a bit strange to be without my baby for any length and I admit to being a bit teary near the end but it was lovely to have some time out with S knowing that bub was in the very best possible hands. Turns out he took his bottle of EBM no problem and slept most of the time. Oh yeah, the movie was pretty fantastic too! A very dark story I thought but Chris Nolan assembled a.brilliant and talented cast. I did pick a few parts of the ending but the twist still got me. Definitely a must see although sad its the end of the franchise and even more sad that someone cast such a tragic shadow over the movie itself.

In other firsts, bubba slept thru! FYI Sleeping thru for a newborn is missing a feed or 5 hours. Tonight he went down at 9pm and slept till 2am, was up to feed the back asleep from 2:30 till 5:30am. I'm still in shock from the overload of continuous sleep I think as bub is a great daytime sleeper but nighttime his pattern goes something like 3 hours 2 hours 1.5 hours. We can only hope he keeps up the new pattern.

In other news, we are moving to bigger digs in 4 weeks! While I'm not thrilled about moving house with a new baby, we will have an extra bedroom, rumpus, garage and abundance of storage. The biggest bonus however is that it is across the road from my parents which is going to be a huge help with bub when I go back to work. My parents are great and very much the non intrusive type with very busy lives of their own so we won't end up in each others pockets.

That's my update for now but will try and get some posts happening with photos again.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Which one?

We have decided to have our little angel baptised in the Catholic Church.

While S and I do not attend Church, I was baptised as a baby, went to a Christian school and church, attended youth group etc. Through those experiences, I feel strongly enough about the Church and religion to want our child educated so that when he is old enough, he can make his own choices relating to faith and religion.

On this note, I am meeting with the Father of our local Parrish to arrange a date and then will obviously need invites. I found a whole bunch on etsy (of course) that I love and now am stuck choosing one... Help please!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


At long last I can finally share a HUGE secret I have been keeping since my baby shower... MY LITTLE SISTER IS PREGNANT!

Yep, you read that right, there is another baby set to join our family in the next few months - if you have only just started reading here then to bring you up to speed: my sis in law (brother's wife) had a baby girl in May, my bub is 3 weeks old and my other sis in law (husband's sister) is due in October on top of our family best friends' also having babies in April and December respectively!

I know, we couldn't have planned it better if we had of actually tried. Honestly, no discussion ever took place between any of us to try for babies together, it just worked out that way much to the delight of our parents.

I am just so excited for my sis and her husband and particularly that we are starting our motherhood chapters so close together.

S and I are secretly hoping she has a boy but we won't know until January when she's due as she and her husband have decided to have a surprise. Of course I would love another niece (especially given how adorable little miss Hayley is) but selfishly, would love a little playmate for E as everyone else has had or is having girls.

My sis also timed it perfectly as E will be about 6 months old when her bub arrives so he will be out of most big items like the bassinet, swing, capsule so I can conveniently pass them on to her for use rather than store them till bub 2.

Now I have to get busy with the baby shower planning and as we dont know the sex, /i am going to with a Hungry Caterpillar theme - fun, colourful and suitably unisex.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cooped Up

The poor weather combined with what seems to be a 3 week growth spurt for bubba has rendered us house bound for a few days. Its cold windy and rainy on the Coast and my beautiful boy is limiting himself to catnaps and only sleeping for lengthy periods snuggled in my arms so it seems best to stay in.

Not getting out means i haven't made it to Darrell Lea yet and am now worried I might miss out on my caramel snows. Fingers crossed I can get there tomorrow -  with S off this might be doable.

I also need to get to Target for some of their brand dry shampoo. At a ridiculous $2, the voguettes are raving about its performance and lets face it, my showers arent the 30+ minute affairs they used to be so this can only help me minimise grooming time. I will let you know if it lives up to the hype.

Homebound means the groceries were done online and I must say, as someone who goes to Coles instore, I enjoy Woolworths online much more. Looking back on my grocery list though, i must be planning to be at home a fair bit next week as there is a lot of baking ingredients on there. Looks like I will be making chocolate slice, lemon squares and choc chip cookies from my trusty Womens Weekly Beautiful Biscuits. Also on the list are scones, strawberry and cream cupcakes and apple and cinnamon muffins. Might have to space the baking out though or hope for lots of visitors. Will try to remember to photograph some of the treats and post back.

Obviously to fill my days, I have been watching a lot of daytime tv and sadly even with foxtel, there is not alot on to keep me entertained. That said, S has got us addicted to the A&E channel. With gems such as Pawn Wars, Storage Wars and Hardcore Pawn, its like watching a car crash - so bad but you just cant look away. There was a guy on Hardcore Pawn that hocked his prosthetic leg for $50! I find that both sad but also crazy.

Being on mat leave is amazingly actually saving me some money . . . I have gotten out for a few lunches but as I worked in the Coast's central dining area, I used to dine out almost every weekday. Not being able to duck to the shops without some planning and Having to prepare lunch at home regularly is leaving me a little stuck for inspiration though - my wonderful mother has very kindly stocked me up with batches of homemade minestrone but I need some other ideas so I dont end up eating pasta or the like every day. Suggestions please?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A little bit of everything

Here are some of my thoughts, things to be done and just the usual random ramblings you all know me so well for...

Firstly, what a pain in the a$$... our washing machine decided to stop working last Saturday! Grrrrr and what perfect timing with a new baby that goes through clothes like you wouldn't believe. I am now thanking God that I didn't stick with my virtuous plans of clothe nappies or our household really would be in dire straits. Thankfully I am one of those people that always buys the extended warranty on electronics (not that I have ever used one) so we had a repair man out today who attended to what turned out to be a broken pump! The repair man was particularly helpful and fixed a few other little faults for me too so now we are back in business with a load of bub's things on as I type (thankfully I did overindulge in baby clothes or he would be in just a singlet and blanket by now!).

Tragedy! Darrell Lea are closing! Is everyone else sad about this too? While I'm not a frequent DL buyer, I love their caramel snows and they are a bit of an Aussie institution... Bo Peeps were always a special treat when we were younger and my dad loves their liquorice so its a family thing to buy it for him every special occasion (fathers day, birthday, easter etc). Need to make sure I get instore in the coming days to stock up on a few supplies in case a buyer isnt found for our local stores. What is your favourite DL treat?

I have fallen in love with Donna Hay again! Not that I ever fell out of love, more that I got lazy with my cooking but given I am watching a lot more TV than I ever have, I came across her show Fast Simple Fresh once again last night so I IQ'd it to watch during the 2am feed and reignited my love for her style of cooking. I have pulled out my FSF cookbook to go through this afternoon in the hope of doing some meal planning before groceries on the weekend. If you haven't come across Donna's cookbooks or TV show yet, get on the bandwagon as the food is fabulous and as the title says, SIMPLE!

Aldi... you may have read my previous posts about Aldi not being a favourite of mine but I have to be honest, this may attitude may be shifting and my bad feelings may just be resultant of my local store. I have mentioned here before how I always feel overwhelmed, crowded and put off whenever I try to go to our store but a few weekends ago, I went to my sister's local store as she needed cleaning supplies and I was pleasantly surprised by how open, uncrowded and well displayed it was. Enough at least to convince me to go back there next time I need Aldi supplies. Mum also picked us up a room thermometer from Aldi for bub - they sold out Gold Coast storewide very quickly but she came across one at her local store yesterday for only $20 and it seems equivalent to the Gro Egg in that it lights up to the appropriate colour for the temp and given the price, I'm happy to give it a go. I am persevering with Aldi and keep reading the Vogue thread to motivate me... apparently the cast iron dishes are a must have but I'm not convinced yet.

In other news, I actually bought one of those Scoopon specials this week. I used to get all the updates but never bought anything then got sick of the constant emails so unsubscribed myself. My sis in law then let me know last week they were having a special on photo canvas' for $19 each. Thinking they will be perfect to have some of bub's photos printed on, I bought 3 for $56 so now just have to wait on receiving all the photos and trying to choose just a few. Speaking of bub's photos, I am also keen to get his hands and feet cast and framed before he gets to big... do any Gold Coasters read this blog? If so, can you recommend where I can have this done?

Now that my pregnancy is over and I can eat most things once more (still being a little cautious as I'm breastfeeding), I am determined for S to take me to Bazaar at QT for brunch sometime very soon! 'Bazaar re-creates a traditional marketplace with a twenty-first century twist.' I hear nothing but great things about this restaurant so if your planning a visit to the Glitter Strip anytime soon, add it to your list. I will post back a review and some pics if I manage to organise S to take me :)

Its another cold miserable winter's day here so bub and I are staying home in the warmth hence the extra post - bub is sleeping and I haven't been able to so am catching up on my online entertainment instead. I rephrase that, bub is supposed to be sleeping but I hear him stirring so I'm off now for mummy time.

Monday, July 9, 2012


What a whirlwind fortnight or so it has been!

From a household that once thrived on 10 hours sleep a night, we have had to make a major adjustment to surviving on 5 maybe 6 if we are lucky. Bub seems to have his day and night around the wrong way so has his biggest stretches during the day - when everyone comes to visit. Instead i am now resorting to blogging instead of sleeping at 4am.

That said, i cannot think of a single other downside to becoming a mummy and when i think about it, the lack of sleep isnt so bad because it means more awake time to just sit and look at my beautiful baby.

You can (like me), read every book, article, website and blog out there but nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming love and wonder that hits everytime you look at the perfect little person you created.

Its been an amazing time since we left the hospital. Leaving the hospital and arrivibg home all feels like a bit of a dream and you keep thinking, are they really letting me leave with this defenceless little baby and what an earth am i supposed to do with it.

After the first few days of springing up everytime bub so much as blinked, we have relaxed into a pretty comfortable routine of sorts. Bub is all over the place sleep and feed wise but by going with the flow, responding to his demands and not overthinking the whole thing, i am comfortable, bub is happy and life is great.

I have found with some good multitasking, i can still get an enormous amount done and we have enjoyed quite a lot of outings to lunch with friends, shopping and even a couple of hours at my office getting sone work done. I also get quite alot done at home and have even got his announcement cards completed and ready to send.

Bub loves his bouncer which means i get an uninterupted shower and brekky each morning and is quite happy to sleep in his capsule or pram bassinet when we are out and about. Particularly handy as i have been able to get all my Christmas shopping done for him, my nieces and a few other littles ones - the toy sales are too good not to take advantage of.

The nursing is also going wonderfully well with bub and i completely compatible and having no problems on this score so far.much to my joy. We are going to get started on expressing later this week so fingers crossed its as easy as the nursing. I have bought the Tommee Tipee electric pump to try as although i originally wanted the Medela Swing, this was too good a price to pass up.

The only problem with nighttime nursing is that it has reignited my love affair with ebay. Online shopping is dangerous at tge best of times for me but im finding particularly at 2am when you're half asleep. This weekend i 'won' a Country Road maxi i missed out on instore and a gorgeous checked Cue dress with peplum at the waist for when I go back to work. I also managed to add about 40 items to my watch list. Like i said, dangerous.

Surprisingly i have also had to do a big wardrobe cleanout and dump all my mat clothes. I was fully expecting it to take a couple of months to get back to my old size and into a lot of my old clothes but strangely enough, most of the weight was gone by day 2 and im now definitely smaller than i have been in years. Not sure if its breast feeding or just good genes but my mum tells me that she never got back to her pre preg size 12 after 4 kids and stayed an 8 to 10 instead - cant say thats a bad thing!

Anyway, back to my 4:30 am feed. . .

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Still Shopping

Despite having a 13 day old and recovering from labour (which was no cakewalk but let's face it, the outcome far outweighs the a few/12odd hours of pain), I am still shopping up a storm ... Which reminds me, I haven't been on eBay for awhile.

I have picked up a few necessities in the past few days and bear with me as I'm posting from my phone so can't/havent figured out the picture control yet so expect they will all display at the bottom.

Side note: what on earth did nursing mothers do before iPhones? It's my best friend at 3am while feeding bubba and trying to stay awake. In exciting developments, I discovered the TomKat breakup as it was breaking at 4:30am on twitter in the US. I was so tempted to wake up S to share but didn't think he would appreciate it.

After much research and then pain trying to track down a Freedom Relax chair (another side note, I will never purchase from Freedom Furniture after the most shoddy incompetent service from 3 separate stores & head office) I gave up. Mum and I were supposed to head to Ikea to inspect the poang and Pello chairs but I then ended up having to be induced that day so had no feeding chair when I got home from hospital. Our lounge sufficed abut was a little too comfy and I could tell my back was going to suffer before too long. My very amazing mother did me the worlds biggest favour and drove to the nightmare that is Ikea to buy me a chair. After much deliberation she settled on the poang in dark frame and chocolate cushion. I cannot tell you how much I love this chair! It is ideal for feeding and gives me back great support. Its also a great price at around $159 with different colour and texture options. Bub and I are very happy with this chair so far and I highly recommend it to new mothers.

Now with all these toy sales and a new baby, how are S and I expected to resist? Now bubba is going to get super spoiled by his grandparents it goes without saying so S and I just wanted to get a few key gifts for our boy. I carefully perused all catalogues and after consultation with my mother (an expert in shopping and children), we decided on two -

Little tikes activity garden: my mum has run childcare centers in the past and recalls that 15 years ago this toy was the best item in both the babies and toddlers rooms as children from 6months till at least 2 could use this to play on/in, pull up on etc. Everyone else must have thought or known the same as Target and Myer sold out Australia wide in these within a week. Mum tells me apparently these havent been available for some 15 years in Australia that she knows of hence their popularity.

Adjustable trike: we camp every year over Christmas with fam and friends in Northern NSW and these trikes are ideal to move the kids around the park to visit the others sites or just go for a walk. As it grows to use for a 3 year old we figure bub (and us) will have lots of use for and fun with this one.

We also needed a new rug for our lounge room as the previous one was transferred to Bubs room if u recall (for the person who asked me, the green rug was from deals direct online - I can't figure out how to get back to the old post to reply to your comment on my phone). We bought a huge plush chocolate one with creamy swirls in it at Masters as it covers the area well and tones in to our colour scheme. It will be nice for bub and I for playtime too. Now just have to wait for its arrival.

I am also now in the market for some shopping for me ... There is a gorgeous blue & white stripe Tokito skirt my sis bought that I need to get around to buying. I also need some breast feeding friendly tops that will keep me warm for winter and will probably need some new bottoms too - no kidding, the weight has melted after bub and I am already back in my pre-preg skinny jeans while my leggings are almost falling down.

I'm also in the market for a breast pump and am tossing up the medela swing or the Tommee tippee - any experiences? I have also just been reading about the Medela calma teat that supposedly best represents the breasts action requiring bub to work for a 'let down' so need more info on this.

That just about covers me at the moment except to say that I am loving motherhood and my beautiful boy is a dream. The nursing couldn't be better and we are having a wonderful time bonding and getting to know each other.