Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank you

Thank you for all your beautiful messages of congratulations! I appreciate all your best wishes.
I have been slack with the blogging over past weeks (mind elsewhere and what not) but am not abandoning ship, just waiting on things to settle down and the constant stream of visitors to evaporate.
In the meantime, we have already had some newborn pics of Ethan taken by an amazing photographer who is Melbourne based but had business up this way during the week - Tracey of Studio Create. Especially fabulous as she is a neonatal nurse to boot so has a wonderful understanding of and way with newborns.
Here are some sneak previews:


  1. Oh he's adorable. I hope things settle down for you soon, as lovely as visitors are, I thinks it's the most exhausting part!

  2. He is gorgeous!!! And yes, visitors are exhausting for you and bub. It gets easier once it's just the three if you at home together :)

  3. Love love love :-)

    And don't feel bad about not blogging, we'll still be here when you find the time :-) You have better things to be doing right now ;-)

  4. What beautiful photos of a gorgeous family.
    SSG xxx

  5. Now that is adorable. Great quality photos and cute beanie collection!

  6. Thank you lovelies - we are thrilled with how well these pics turned out and can't wait to see the other 300. If you live in Melbs, look Tracey up on facebook under Studio Create - she is completely fabulous! x