Friday, June 29, 2012

Thank you

Thank you for all your beautiful messages of congratulations! I appreciate all your best wishes.
I have been slack with the blogging over past weeks (mind elsewhere and what not) but am not abandoning ship, just waiting on things to settle down and the constant stream of visitors to evaporate.
In the meantime, we have already had some newborn pics of Ethan taken by an amazing photographer who is Melbourne based but had business up this way during the week - Tracey of Studio Create. Especially fabulous as she is a neonatal nurse to boot so has a wonderful understanding of and way with newborns.
Here are some sneak previews:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

At long last

The Worlds longest pregnancy is finally over - ok, not Jessica Simpson long but long enough.

That's right friends ... Little Ethan was born on Friday afternoon following an induction (due to my health) on Thursday evening.

It was a 12 hour labour with a few sticky moments but we managed to limit our intervention and drugs thanks to Calmbirth and some pretty amazing support from S (and my mum towards the end).

At 7p11oz and 53cm long he's a healthy boy but not huge thankfully.

All going great so far ... Including the breast feeding and we hope to be home by Monday so will blog more then.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

All the big issues

Would you believe that one of these two chairs retails for less than half the price of the other? I know, I didn't ...(or is it wouldn't?) and almost got stung.

 Lucky one of the lovely and very helpful ladies over at the Vogue Forums (specifically the thread for pregnancy) took pity on my posting an intention to buy the Ikea Poang chair (on the right) for $149 as a nursing chair for bubba and I. She let me know that Freedom did the same chair, called 'Relax' for $69.95. The best part of this? I can skip a 40 minute drive to the nightmare that is Ikea and pop 10 minutes down the road to Freedom and pick up the 'Relax' with $80 extra in my pocket. Its a win win people!

For the record, I did look into Glider chairs with ottoman but every single one I tried made me super nauseous. Strange because I haven't really suffered from nausea of any kind throughout the pregnancy so I figure it must be the chair!

Speaking of the Vogue Forums (which we were doing two paragraphs above), I want to know from you guys (as I know most of my regular readers come or came from VF), is it just me (and the VFers on Twitter) who feel the content quality and overall value of the forums is declining rapidly? I mean some of the threads are a little 'don't be lazy, spend some time googling please' as since when has Vogue been about washing lettuce and roasting pork? I can't say I ever checked in for advice on any of these items and as a result, now find my loyalty waning, checking the site for updates to the pregnancy and post pregnancy threads only then skipping over to your blogs for better content.

Right, so moving on, how funny is this pic that was emailed to me the other day?

As you all know (because I never shut up about it), bubba is due in just under 3 weeks (although possibly less given he is now fully engaged according to my last checkup this week) and things are starting to get uncomfortable. I have been blessed with a relatively easy pregnancy (in comparison to those who suffer chronic MS, cravings, pain etc) with my less than fun side effects/ailments setting in only recently (lack of sleep, snoring, swelling/oedema, sciatica) so to be honest, its been a bit of a rude shock this past two weeks to be so tired and sore. In light of this, I have started doing what everyone was recommending week's ago ... cutting back work hours and having massages and acupuncture (twice weekly as I was slow to the party on these). The acupuncture was a first for me and a little uncomfortable to be honest but I intend to persevere given its prescribed benefits of clearing energy channels and most importantly, reducing labour lengths.

I also need to go buy a fitball today as I just cannot sit on our lounge anymore for extended periods. Its one of those super plush comfy ones with big cushions therefore offers me no support and is impossible to climb out of with my lack of abs and tummy to support! Apparently a fitball is a great source of comfortable seating at this point and can also be a helpful prop with the labour itself. 

Wah wah wah... what a whinger I have become... bear with me please, I will get better... I hope. 

In other news... bubba is closer to having a name... not that I'm going to share it here ...yet. S and I haven't been able to agree at all over the past 8 months and so at my instigation, had each short listed 3 names (with neither of us for the other's 3 at all) with an agreement that we will name him when we meet him. Well, turns out that without any major discussion, we are down from 6 to 3 names with one that came out of the blue while driving to dinner a few days ago, the other being on S' list all along and the main contender being my original 3rd choice but now my fave. 

Just in case you're interested, names that were originally being considered that are now confirmed scrapped are Olliver (my pick but S' sister is having a girl 12 weeks after us and they are calling her Molly so Ollie and Molly while cute as cousins just sounds too much like pets' names to my ears), Vincent (S' original number one choice and bub's in utero name, I am still trying to figure out where he even plucked this one from and it always makes me think of Entourage), Alexander (my original favourite that S was only so so on) and Angus (a late starter from S that was another scrapped when his sister advised her daughter to be's name as we have friends with adorable twins named Angus & Molly). 

What else can I share with you?

Today's member offering (25% off) means I need to am pondering buying some more Country Road jeggings. They won't fit for awhile I'm guessing assuming but they are such a practical winter wardrobe staple and if I am one of those lucky women (unlikely) that shed baby weight quickly, it could be a matter of weeks  only before I wear them (this is not as unrealistic as it sounds given their superior stretch). So, should I buy some and if so, what colour????

 pink grapefruit                                              dark plum                               ultra blue

In bright news, its a long weekend this weekend... are you as excited as me? Not that I have anything amazing planned and my fam are all away (so bubba is under strict instructions for no arrival in the next 4 days) apart from catching up with C and baby S, some lots of sleeping, buying a clothes hamper for bub, catching up with an old school friend, harassing S to assemble our Bugaboo Chameleon and arranging install of our Maxi Cosi capsule but its just the knowing you don't have to go to work for 3 whole days - which now that I've written that, seems a little silly as then I'm back at work for 4 days and from next Friday am on mat leave. Hmmmm that came up quicker than expected... or not depending which day you ask me.

Right, enough with the ramblings, what are you up to for the long weekend?