Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I have been ... doing and becoming

Right, so I've maintained radio silence long enough to actually have some new information to share with you.

Be warned, its a baby/pregnancy heavy post ... which shouldn't surprise you terribly given we are only 7 weeks from bub's due date and surrounded by a lot of other pregnant women.

So to get on with business... S and I attended our first Calmbirth class last Thursday night. We are doing the course over 5 nights and it was with some trepidation that we arrived at our first. Let me tell you, from just one class, S and I are totally on board with the program and cant wait to learn more. We can both already see the practical value in the explanations and skills and I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty confident about the whole birth process... its the breastfeeding that worries me more than labour! The other good news from the class is that the Calmbirth instructor is also a midwife at the hospital we are going to so there is a good chance we may have her assigned to us on the big day.

To back up the Calmbirth, we also enrolled in a one day antenatal class at our hospital which we attended Saturday so as to familiarise ourselves with their layout, where to present to on the big day, to gain some more insight into the medical aspect of labour and also to try and garner a little of the hospital's ethos and recommendations when it comes to pain management, birth plans etc. This class was a goldmine for S who had clearly not paid a lot of attention to my babbling over the past few months and was stunned to learn there are 3 stages to labour and we could actually end up spending quite alot of time at home. He was a bit put out that his mates hadn't bothered to share this key information with him and I had a pretty good laugh out of his shock. The class provided a tour of the facilities which we were happy with and gave us good insight into what we can expect from the midwives assisting with our birth - the best part for us is that this is very much in line with our ideal plan so we are feeling very good about the birth and our intentions.

On a negative note, I now officially have pre-eclampsia but more positively, it appears manageable at this time and is being monitored by weekly visits with our obstetrician and some GP checkups. My BP is high but stable, bub is growing well and on the scale of small medium large, is sitting at just over a medium size. The worst part is the major swelling I am suffering in my feet - I have gone up 2 shoe sizes as a result - and the pain in my hands from swelling. The brightside is, the swelling is limited to my hands and feet only. I have reduced my hours at work now (finishing my day a little earlier) but we are not wasting time worrying about the PE right now as its is a matter of being alert to the onset of other symptoms and we are surrounded by an excellent medical support team to respond if necessary.

Back to more positive things, we had a long weekend in Queensland this weekend and the weather could not have been more perfect so I got to enjoy a garden setting baby shower on Sunday afternoon with my sis and sis in law, a cuddle with new bub Isabella (see previous post) and then a movie with S on Sunday night - The Avengers... not bad, especially considering I haven't seen Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 1 or 2 much to S' disgust.

Monday S and I intended to finalise the set up of bubba's nursery but the day started a little earlier than we planned... I was woken up by a call from my mum to share that my sis in law C was in labour!!!! 3 weeks early!!! I know! I jumped out of bed and drilled mum with questions - turns out C's water broke early Sunday morning but she didnt realise as no contractions started so went about her normal day including going to the baby shower with my sis and I. Later that night the contractions really got underway and she went into hospital around 3am Monday morning. My brother and C were happy having just the 2 of them present for labour so to keep me occupied and from checking my phone every two seconds, S set about getting our nursery underway.

This is it so far:

We finished just in time to get the update from my brother that the beautiful Hayley Emily was born at 3:31pm and mum and bub were both doing great. I BECAME AN AUNTY and here is my precious niece at 12 hours old ...

isn't she the most gorgeous little bub you have ever seen? At 7.5pounds she doesnt seem to have any ill effects from arriving 3 weeks early and we are all laughing that she is just like her daddy and didnt want to risk missing out on anything so came early just in case.

That's about it from me for now although my baby shower is Saturday so I will have some pics to share  from that  along with some exciting news of another pregnancy within my immediate circle - that makes 5 pregnancies for 2012 in my immediate circle and a total of 9 including my extended! That's a lot of babies around.


  1. Sounds like an eventful time for you :-) I don't mind all the baby themed posts. The room looks great :-) and your niece is adorable!

    Can't wait to see baby REG :-)

    Oh and I enjoyed the Brisbane/GC weather this weekend muchly :-)

    1. Glad to know I'm not boring everyone silly :)
      Thank you, really happy with the room and yep, she is totally adorable and has us all wrapped around her little finger.
      I will be sure to post photos as soon as possible but I hope that wont be for at least another 4 weeks or more.
      The weather is just amazing!!!

  2. Look at little Hayley, she is perfect!
    Good job on the room, looks adorable. I saw Miss Directions comment though and thuoght you were calling your baby Reg for a little while there, bahahaha.

    1. Thank you and LOL ... definitely not REG although S is loving Vincent at the moment ???

  3. The nursery looks brilliant! Good work!

    Hayley is gorgeous! Lovely name too, one of my best friends is a Hayley :-)

    Bugger re the PE, but it sounds like you are in good hands with your doctors. Look after yourself x

    I've booked into Calmbirth so I'm so happy to hear how much you have gotten out of it already :-)

    1. Thank you ... the room is completely different to my original vision but am happy with how it came together.
      You will absolutely love Calmbirth... we had our second class last night and again got so much practical information and technique from it.

  4. Just remember for every person you know with a due baby there is a someone who has an upcoming due date but no baby.