Monday, May 28, 2012

On the floor

You dont have to wait two weeks between posts this time ... I finally remembered i can blog from my phone - how convenient. So I'm currently multi tasking watching The Voice and blogging.

In happy news today, my patience finally paid off and after 3 years on a waiting list, I have finally secured a permanent site for S and I (and bubba) at the holiday park in Lennox Heads that my family and I holiday at every Summer. I could have settled for other sites over the years but I had a specific location in mind that was near to my parents and sister's site and one finally came up! We grew up camping as a family with friends every year and we really want bubba to experience this same fun.

Moving forwards... so the title is a little misleading as S won't be on the actual floor but he will be in the stands.

I decided to surprise him last week and buy presale tix to the upcoming Pitbull concert in Brisbane. He is a huge fan and the concert sounds pretty great with Taio Cruz & DJ Havana Brown so I'm sure he will enjoy. He doesn't know about the surprise yet as I'm going to wait for the tix to arrive and then decide on the best way to gift them - also undecided as to whether I will go with him or tell him to take a friend ... It may end up being our first proper night out after bub is born if I go.

In other news, we had some successful shopping on Sunday after I dragged S to Mothercare at Logan in aid of restocking my stretch mark cream - I never promised the blog would be all glamour :) Seriously though, their stretch mark cream is divine with the scent so yummy. It also seems to have worked as promised so far with me reaching 36 weeks tomorrow and still no sign of those dreaded lines (touch wood).

I then hit up Harbourtown and bought S and I some new pjs from Peter Alexander - mine look suspiciously like a prison uniform but they are very practical with button down top and cuffed pants ... Perfect for hospital and night feeding. S thankfully let go of his onesie dream after being faced with the reality of one and instead settled for a nice manly pair of red & blue flannels.

I also couldn't resist the Myer Bonds sale and stocked up on a maxi skirt and some tops for me ... Bub of course didn't miss out this weekend with two new pairs of Nike shoes (hey, they were just $24), some summery outfits from the myer sale (S tells me they will be for wearing on mummy days) and of course a big range of Bonds buys thanks to 40% off - assorted onesies, cord pants, stripey leggings, summer onesies etc.

I'll wrap up with my thoughts on The Voice tonight in case you're interested ... Thank goodness Diana and Ben were safe in the beginning! Loved Viktoria and the Nirvana arrangement but no one else has grabbed me yet although I'm only up to Glen and he looks like he might pull off some Neyo. Edited to add that Glen totally pulled it off!!!

Sorry, had to add this too as it was sent to me earlier in the week and has me laughing every time I read it!


  1. Very cute little outfits!
    When's your baby shower? Must be soon! How very exciting!!!
    And how's the BP going? Get ready! I am sure you will either go into labour early or will be induced! (Did they end up putting you on any meds?)

    1. Thanks Sammie :)
      Baby shower was actually a few weeks ago but I havent had my camera to d/l the pics yet and post on the blog. At this rate, bub will be here before I do!
      BP is stable - high but no drastic difference so have managed to avoid meds yay!
      Everyone is picking an early arrival for bub including my ob... I would be happy with 2 weeks early so I can get a few more odds and ends done which means he's sure to arrive before that ha ha.

  2. Love you new PJs, you'll be very stylish in the hospital bed :-)

  3. Aww, cute little outfits!

    I stayed away from Myer, thought it would be dangerous! hehe.

    Big Yay on the permanent site! There is something lovely about heading to the same holiday spot each year :-)

    1. It certainly was - I even bought some summer bits for my niece :)
      I know, couldnt stop smiling about the site all afternoon - love the thought that bub will have the opportunity to grow up enjoying what my siblings & I did. x

  4. How exciting about the site! My Nan camped on the waterfront at Lorne for over 50 years, and my patents gave carried it on with going to Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road for over 20. The sense of community is great, you essentially grow up with the families you camp near. Those Nikes are too sweet!