Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy bee

I have had a busy busy week with a busy busy rest of the week and weekend ahead with my to do list growing by the minute!

I have managed to get my birth plan/wish list typed up - its not as Type A as it sounds but taken from the Calmbirth course we did, it sets out important preferences such as minimal interventions but indicates we are cooperative to any medically indicated requirements necessary.

I have been working on a playlist/s for the labour ... not sure how realistic this is given many friends have said they spent ages preparing one only to want absolute silence but I figure it can't hurt to have one just in case and after reading Jess Marais' interview about her birth, I too quite like the idea of bub being born to the strains of Sting's Fields of Gold. Any one have any must add song recs for me?

As usual, I also have some shopping to do...all items needed to make life easier, prettier or more comfortable in the coming weeks...

Kikki-K must haves that our household cannot do without

 Weekly planner - I keep it on the fridge and its the only way I can keep S up to date with our life. As he knows, if its not on here, it doesn't exist.

Grocery list - again, its the only way to keep S up to date with what we need and ensure our fridge and pantry is actually stocked with practical items.

This Baby Moov love nest from Bubs baby store - designed by a paed to prevent 'flat head' on newborns, its only $25 and could save future expensive paed osteo visits from what I am told by other mummies

I need some new powder but cant decide whether to stick with my current and regular MAC or go back to Estee Lauder's first mineral offering - the plus for the EL is that it really did improve my skin condition however its coverage was average however thats not as big a deal as it usually would be as I will be off work for 3 months so wont be wearing as full a face as usual. Thoughts?

I am also in the market for a heater of some sort and am told I must haul ass to Aldi to check out their range of heaters - Ling over at Pork Chop's Nest highly recommends Aldi on Twitter and I'm a joiner so its only natural I check out their options despite having a slight aversion to our local Aldi (use the blog search feature to read more about my Aldi panic). No idea whether I want fan, electric or oil and unsure of whether its for our room or the lounge room at this point ... hoping seeing them will help answer these questions and more.

In other news, my lovely cousin will be visiting this weekend so I will likely be dragging her on my shopping mission Saturday afternoon ... particularly as I have just discovered I will be working on Saturday morning and have an auction to attend Sunday mid morning grrrr. No rest for the wicked, even at 36-37 weeks pregnant!

On a more restful note, I have a massage booked for Monday that I am looking forward to enormously and will be starting some acupuncture on Tuesday - I have heard very good recs about its power for unblocking energy channels and reducing labour times when started around 36 weeks. On the subject of pampering, I also intend to have my hair coloured and a pedicure within the next 7 days - apparently I won't have time for such frivolity once bub arrives I'm told.

I'm not the only busy one around here... S has a growing jobs list too that includes building our pram (you would think for the price, Bugaboo would have this covered but no), arranging the install of bub's capsule & seat, cleaning out and organising our garage - which has become a black hole of odds and ends from the house, practising our Calmbirth exercises and oh yeah, working :) 


  1. I use Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, it's excellent, good coverage but better yet it feels like you don't have any makeup on.

  2. Can't help with the song, the only thing I imagine when I think of labour and music is 'Lightning crashes' by Live. Probably not appropriate though haha.

  3. Elizabeth Arden's Pure Finish mineral makeup is excellent, just a tip! X