Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I am ... loving, pondering, look like & doing

I've been leading such a busy but dull life lately I thought it best to spare you the details. Hopefully I will have some more exciting posts coming up including all the details of my sister in law's baby shower that my sister and I are throwing for her this weekend!

In the meantime, here are all the major topics covered to tide you over:

What I am loving
The Voice: how great is this show (statement not question in case you were wondering)! I admit, I was completely uninterested in this show in the lead up just as I am with every other reality talent show out there but Sunday night we were at my parents for dad's birthday dinner and my sister really wanted to watch it. Three days later and I haven't missed an episode and have even dragged S onboard as a fan! Love the 'blind' concept, the beautiful talent and especially the judges. The show and judges are so far coming across as all very nice but also very honest with their feedback. Keith is just an absolute doll - completely lovely and so so encouraging, Joel is so passionate and inspiring, Seal is the smoothest of smooth talkers that could convince anyone he could take them anywhere and Delta is lovely although lacks the passionate conviction of the others when she is trying to sway them to her team. All in all, I'm really enjoying the show's format (as you can no doubt tell by the million tweets I send while viewing each night) and will continue to watch avidly in coming weeks no doubt.

What I am pondering
Cord blood banking: I read a little about it at the beginning of my pregnancy and dismissed it as something to come back to. I received an email today from Cell Care Australia about a review in their pricing and offerings and my interest has been reignited. You can either donate the cord blood to a public bank or you can privately bank with an organisation like Cell Care. Now, the private banking  is expensive and I know you can't put a price on your child's health but at several thousand a year to set up and in excess of $1,000 a year to maintain for 18 years (not viable after this), it is something that obviously needs consideration.                                                                                             Here is a good explanation of what banking is:                                                                                         
Now S and I don't have any strong family history of disease, bubba is to all intenst and purposes very healthy and we are not of ethnic minority meaning it will be difficult to find a matched donor in future if required so we would be banking purely as an insurance policy for bub's future health - and it goes without saying this is a good enough reason alone but that said, we like all Australian's have free access to the public bank so are we best off just donating the cord blood publicly?.                                                                                Did you bank your baby's cord blood or know anybody who did? I don't know anyone who has had any experience with this so would love to hear from someone who does.

What I look like
I hit 30 weeks this week much to S' joy - if you recall, he was a bit sick of the twenties as it felt like they took forever! Bump is growing but nothing else is at this point which I'm pretty happy about - I am looking the same all over apart from my tummy. I also still have my 'innie' belly button which is another source of joy (lame I know) but not really surprising given how ridiculously deep my belly button is - it must have been at least 1.5cm in before I was pregnant.

What I have been doing
Trying to get bubba into a position with his head down amongst other things! If you follow me on twitter, you may have read some tweets this week about bubba giving me some pain in the obliques. This is because my little darling was/is/can lay in the transverse position which means he was laying sideways across my abdomen with his lower torso/legs  kicking one oblique and his head pressing into the other - not fun at all peeps!                                                                                                
see diagram:    
Its not a great position for any bub to be in by third trimester as if they decide its a comfortable one for them and won't budge, chances are very high you will need a C-Section because bub can't deliver from transverse and you can risk a prolapsed cord.                                                                     
Monday night, I couldn't move for almost 3 hours it was hurting that much which of course sent S into a tailspin of whether or not we needed to go to hospital. This then led to him worrying that we don't even have a bag/bags packed yet and what were we going to do. After reassuring him that I was definitely not in labour, I promised that I would start throwing a bag/bags together if it would make him feel better. My darling husband calmed down and once reassured, fussed like a mother hen arranging pillows, checking room temperature, getting refreshments ... so very sweet and reminded me how lucky I am to have him sharing this journey with me.                                                                  
The latest news on this after an Ob checkup and scan today is that it looks like bubba is turning towards head down again - thank goodness as I wasn't a fan of some of the suggested ways to 'spin' baby.


  1. Yay for hitting 30 weeks! (and for still being an 'inny'!)
    Fingers crossed baby gets his head down and stays down!

    We will donate the cord blood if we can, but I've heard they only collect during limited hours so it's not always possible. Must admit I haven't looked into it much yet!

  2. What a fab looking bump!!!
    I didn't donate. Not sure why???

  3. You're all so lovely ladies - thank you!
    I feel great and apart from the odd niggle, S and I can't believe how lucky we have been with pregnancy.