Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday breakfast... a tale of woe

Well in big news, my Essie polish FINALLY arrived from Ozsale - I know, seems I have the slowest postie in all of Australia - and I must say, the reality of some of the colours surprised me a little. I have a long weekend ahead though to play with them and see what I think.

Speaking of long weekends, S is surprisingly going to be around for much of this one ... other than Saturday. This is a big surprise as he is usually working and its up to me to find (or make) my own entertainment. Finding or making entertainment - other than shopping - was going to be trickier than usual this year given I am not really in the mood (or condition) for afternoon drinking sessions and my fam including my sis are away in Woolgoolga the whole time.

One plan I have locked in to our long weekend schedule is breakfast at the newly opened Pancakes on the Rocks in Mermaid Beach - used to be Hooters till it burnt down in case you were wondering. This breakfast is particularly important in making up for our Sunday morning disaster - peeps, it was so bad I couldn't even take photos. I had bought a pancake shaker mix thinking we could have pancakes for brekky on Sunday morning. S being a sweetheart decided to let me sleep in and as does happen when he gets bored and food is involved, he decided to google pancakes and see how he could improve on the basics. For S, the more complicated and foreign when it comes to recipes, the better. Bonus points if it has ingredients he has never heard of. So I wake up to...
'do we have brown sugar?'
'yes, why?'
'do we have oatmeal'
'ummmm we have porridge sachets, why what are you doing?'
'what about vanilla essence'
'of course we do, what are you up to?'
'we're going to have banana pancakes and oh, I just found some choc chips here, maybe I should add those too'
'hang on, banana? I don't even like bananas, you know that'
So S decided to remove a cup of the dry mix from the pancake shaker to use in his gourmet pancakes and make plain ones for me. Good in theory but the shaker instructions say fill water to the line, not how much water required. Too save on arguments, I decided to go shower and leave S to it.

I took my time and emerged to the smell of burnt batter and him dumping a plate in to the bin. Turns out he forgot to oil the pan before adding the mixture. Trying not to laugh I sat down rather than interfere until he called me over to check out my 'pancakes'. Basically the mixture had thinned out so badly it was crepe mix and to try and make them fluffier he folded them as they cooked. Bizarre and misshapen, they weren't pancakes.

I suggested giving up on mine, I would be happy with crumpets and he should concentrate on his - an interesting mix sitting in the blender with a strange consistency. I assumed everyone knew how to cook pancakes until I watched S in action... he poured the first and stood there watching with me... the surface was fully bubbled but he made no move to turn it so I suggested he do so or it will burn. He told me it hadn't been long enough and when I insisted, he turned it grudgingly. That's right, the cooked side was blackened. 3 more attempts of this and S had to give up and have coffee for brekky as we had somewhere to be and his little experiment had set us behind schedule.

Poor S, he was so apologetic for wrecking my brekky and so disappointed in not getting the banana pancakes he was craving ... so this is when I promised him that this weekend we would go and have proper pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks.


  1. Hehe, at least he tried I guess?!

    Enjoy the pancakes on the weekend :-)

  2. Exactly - I couldn't get mad because his enthusiasm and effort were so cute :)