Thursday, April 12, 2012


I nominated my beautiful mother this year for the Barnados Mother of the Year 2012. While it doesn't look like she was a finalist, she is already the winner in my eyes.

Here is the nomination I submitted for her...

My mum in short, was born to be a mum. She is a one of those special one of a kind people who come along once in a lifetime to mother children be it her own or others. Her love, compassion & understanding are endless and given to all who need it. It was not unusual growing up for my siblings & I to share our bedrooms with other children in need due to their home life disruptions or similar & mum would mother them exactly as she would us. 
Firmly subscribing to the theory of ‘mean mothers have the best children’ (poem), mum has always provided us & others with unconditional love & firm guidance. She has always set clear & fair boundaries we were expected to adhere to but has always been there to pick us up when we fall or shout our praises in success. She never missed a sports carnival, school fete, presentation or musical and I know for a fact that while we were growing up, she went without much to ensure that we didn’t. The stability & security my mother has provided & continues to provide, has enabled me to achieve anything I set my mind to. Facing motherhood now myself, my mum remains my rock & is the person I most hope to emulate for my children.

There is a 1000 word limit which is probably lucky or I could have written a novel detailing the amazing attributes of my mother.

One of the special parts of my pregnancy has been sharing the milestones, appointments and scans with my mother. She hasn't wanted to overstep my and S' time in experiencing these moments despite being beside herself at the prospect of becoming a grandmother but the great part is, S and I have both wanted to include and share much of the experience with her. Its also been nice to have her come along to appointments with me when S hasn't been able to come due to work and I have enjoyed the opportunity to question her on her pregnancies and experiences with 4 of us. My mum has not been one to push advice or her own experiences in this case, she waits to be asked for her input so I am constantly questioning her about pregnancy, labour, birth and newborns. Its also nice for me that S particularly rates her advice pretty high as in his words 'she raised 4 healthy well adjusted children who are now all successful so she must know what she's doing.'

As I get closer to being a mother with each week passing, I am reassured by the fact that I have my beautiful mother to call on if I need to but also that I can do this, I can be a mother because I had the very best teacher.

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  1. That is so sweet and lovely!
    I too value all my mumma gas to say and I'm constantly asking for her advice.
    It was never a question to have mum there when I gave birth. Something so special that we will have and share forever.