Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just quickly

Saturday my sister K and I hosted our sister in law's baby shower for our soon to arrive niece. We themed it to match the gorgeous nursery our sis in law had set up therefore we used pink, purple and butterflies to decorate. We (my mum, sis and I) baked and prepped all morning to provide a buffet style afternoon spread to be enjoyed with champagne (and agrum for the pregnant guests - of which there were at least 5). We played all the usual games ... guess the baby food, guess the belly size, match the celebrity babies with their parents, guess the number of lollies in the baby bottle and 'don't say baby'. My little niece got very spoilt with gifts from the guests and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon celebrating and whiling away the hours as only a large group of women can. K and I gifted the Oroton baby bag, a Bubba Blue pink velour blanket, a Bonds jumpsuit, some Roxy swimmers and some pink Bright Starts rattles - all the essentials in our books ha ha. Our sis in law had a really wonderful afternoon and even sent K and I flowers to say thank you! Completely unnecessary but appreciated nonetheless.

Sunday we tried for pancakes for brekky again - S has wised up and took me out instead of trying to masterchef them again. We went to Pancakes on the Rocks which has opened at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast Highway. I suspect it is part of the Sydney chain. The service was friendly and efficient, the prices very reasonable and the fit out of booths were very comfortable. I ordered the Strawberry Patch which is just the right amount of sweetness - only the ice cream adds sweet with the strawberries and coulis and cream and pancakes all unsweetened. I only got through 1 and a half pancakes before giving up and letting S tackle the remaining half. I would definitely go back here for pancakes!

After dropping S home I headed to Brisbane for lunch with M at Southbank followed by a visit to the Queensland museum for the newly opened Mummy Exhibition. We had lunch and a long overdue catchup at Cactus Republic - a fresh tex mex restaurant that did a killer nachos - before heading over to the Queensland Museum for our booking. It was a sold out session having only opened last Thursday and of course no photography was allowed in the exhibit but if you get the chance, make sure you check it out. They had several mummies on display along with lots of artefacts from BC times. Its hard to comprehend that some of the mummies have been so well preserved, there is still actual flesh on the skeleton despite it being 3000-4000 years old. The level of detail and skill put into the artefacts is also amazing considering the lack of technology and tools BC.

Yesterday I stuck with tradition and made it along to the ANZAC dawn service with my fam. There is something so special about the atmosphere at a dawn service and this year's opening tale was a recount of the battle of the Western Front. What our fellow Australians (and NZers) suffered is nothing short of horrifying and I remain forever grateful to our servicemen both past and those serving presently for continuing to protect the freedom we so often take for granted. I have to admit though, the 4am start really took it out of me and after family breakfast, I headed back home for bed. How did you commemorate the day?

Excitingly, we also welcomed a new arrival since my last update - the precious little Isabella. Daughter to my dear friend N. N and her husband are much more patient than S and I and opted to keep this bubba's sex a surprise as they did with their first born so we have all played the guessing game for the past 9 months. I had predicted a girl but was hoping for a boy so that my little bubba would have a male playmate seeing as how both sister in law's are having girls and also given that N and I have grown up together and remain very close 30 years later, we hoped for our children to do the same (they still can of course I know). We finally got to visit last night and have a hold of the newest princess and she was an angel ... slept through everyone's chatter (all 8 of us) and being passed around with only a few tiny squeaks. N was the first of us due this year in our circle and it has all started with her bub being born... my niece is now only 4 weeks away from her due date, then our friend L's bub is due 2 weeks after that then me 2 weeks after L and then my other sis in law 12 weeks after me! Christmas is going to be a crazy time with lots of little munchkins under foot!

The majority of my time these past few weeks has been taken up with helping my sis manage the final stages of our father's campaign for Council (its been a huge job but fingers crossed we get the winning result we have been striving for ) but that's all over come Saturday and I will be able to get back to regular blogging (between the Calmbirth and antenatal classes starting next week).

Here is a bump pic of me a 31 weeks for good measure - its finally apparent I can no longer keep up wearing heels for 8-9 hours a day and this week marks the start of my flats wearing period. Unfortunately my wardrobe is seriously lacking in flats although I seem to have an abundance of thongs - Havis and dressy ones - so flats have been added to my weekend shopping list out of necessity.


  1. Baby shower looked awesome :-) defintiely something in the water on the coast too, will have to remember bottled water when I'm up next weekend lol.

    You're looking great too btw :-) I understand your 'no flats' pain, I'd hate having to switch but it will be better for you...and only temporary :-)

    1. Lol that's what M keeps saying too and she will only drink bottled water at my house now :)
      Thank you and that's what I keep reminding myself, I'll be back in heels before too long.

  2. Well done for making it to 31 weeks in heels!! When I was still working full time with my first bub I wore flats almost the whole time.

    1. Thanks Rama :)
      I probably should have switched them for flats much earlier but like I said, I don't even have any so never got around to it till necessity.

  3. Aww, Isabella looks just gorgeous! Very exciting times with so many babies amongst your family and friends :-)

    Nice work on the baby shower, it looks lovely. And the pancakes...yum!! x

    1. She really is Emma - I know, so many bubs on their way to meet!
      Thank you :) x