Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bag preparation

Okay, so we know by now I'm a Type A personality that must have everything thoroughly researched and prepared well in advance therefore it should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly that I am already prepping my hospital bags - yep, that's right, another pregnancy post so feel free to skip it if you're over them already... I won't be at all offended and assure you I am trying to come up with some better material.

Now I have confirmed from several popular sites that the easiest way to do this is to have 3 separate bags - I know, sounds like overkill but it really does make sense once I explain.

Bag 1 is the 'Labour Bag' and so far my inclusions read:

  • tennis ball (apparently a great massage resource to give hubby's hands a break if things go far awhile)
  • Glasshouse Bora Bora candle (good chance it won't make it out of the bag but nice to have options IMO)
  • panadol for S (apparently some hospitals are touchy about giving partners medication as they are not patients)
  • change of clothes & boardshorts for S (in case he ends up in the shower apparently)
  • snacks and drinks (mainly for S so he has no excuse to leave my side but apparently also for me for after when it is near impossible to track down food according to friends)
  • ipod and dock (again may not make it out of the bag or could drive me crazy in reality but nice to have options)
  • lip balm (very important according to experienced gf's)
  • water bottle with straw (the straw is key)
  • lollies for energy
  • ipad with assorted movies, books, tv shows (obviously for distraction)
  • ph charger (hoping things won't go long enough that our batteries will be worn out)
  • wrap dress (again, it possibly wont last long but at least I can enter with some dignity)
  • Camera (obviously for pics of bub but I have made it very clear we are not filming the proceedings and S is in agreement - not that he has much say on this)
Bag 2 being my hospital stay bag with clothes and toiletries and number 3 of course is for bub's things.

Seems like a lot I know but after much discussion with experienced girlfriends', they tell me its a pretty practical list that will cover our needs well unless of course it all goes out the window and I end up having a super quick labour or a c-section upon which the bag will be lucky to get opened :)

Any recs, suggestions or feedback from those in the know? 


  1. Definitely a cardigan!! It gets chilly in the air-con, though having said that, I got so hot at one point that I would've killed for a hand-held fan. Gatorade was good to have on hand too for a sugar hit.

    Also a spare pair of undies + 1 maternity pad to put on after birth (I had a shower in birth suite before going to our room where my other bag was).

    1. Thanks Polly - great tips that havent been posted anywhere else! x