Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Wrap Up

A photo heavy post of my days in review since Saturday :)
  I went along to the football on Saturday as moral support for my sis and supported my brother in law while he played in the rain for his new team. Turns out his new home ground is in a valley at the back of Tweed which is a bit of a change from the modern and central Burleigh club but actually very pretty scenery and nice for a change. Our friend N and her daughter Miss T joined us to watch and we spent the afternoon being entertained off the field by the precocious and oh so clever Miss T. Brother in law's team won the game too which is always nice.

Miss T - isn't she a cutie :)

Got home that afternoon in time to feed a family of ducks off our back deck - they were swimming in the canal and made a beeline for our sandy beach as soon as I stepped out on to the deck.

We then had S' boss and his wife who are also long time friends of S' join us for dinner and let me say, I do not love champagne risotto! Surprising as I love champagne and make a near perfect risotto but the flavours just didn't do it for me. I served it as a side with rolled roast beef and a rocket and sundried tomato and pine nut salad both of which were a big hit but the risotto was a miss with all of us. Oh well, I don't mind experimenting in the kitchen and you live, you learn.

I went to a baby shower on Sunday with my mum, sis and sis in law for a very dear friend (N as mentioned earlier) whose bub is due in 4 weeks. It was a lemon and white theme as unlike me, she has patience and is having a surprise. It was a lovely afternoon with family and close friends at a restaurant called Point Break located on Burleigh Hill - a special venue for us as my sis had her wedding reception there two years ago.

The mummy to be N & her sisters, C & M
We also booked tickets to the Socceroos World Cup qualifier against Japan on Monday! So excited for this as we love the Japanese team (even though they beat us in the Asia Cup) and the last game we went to in Brisbane was the Socceroo qualifying match against Iraq for the previous World Cup. The only small concern is that the game is just 2 weeks prior to my due date so fingers crossed bub doesn't decide to come too early or I am not so uncomfortable by then that I won't be able to go.

We (I really mean S here) also cleared out the spare room of bed, shelves, chest of drawers, bedside table etc so we can get to work on putting up bubba's cot, bassinet, change table and other bits.

We found this pic in the Babies R Us catalogue of our soft furnishings set and it sums up how we hope our nursery will look. We have bought  white furniture from Tasman Eco and have this exact green rug already in our living room so are going to transfer it to the nursery.
Preparing the nursery has made us realise just how soon our son is going to be here - I'm 26 weeks today so only 14 weeks left if bub comes on his due date or less if he makes an early arrival. Here are some bump pics from the past 4 weeks or so (the navy dress is the most recent - yesterday):

Monday night S and I went to the movies last night to see Margin Call. Interesting movie and well put together in my opinion. It was a hard story to tell and covered a 24 hour period in an investment firm around the time that the GFC hit. It is apparently based on Lehmann Brothers and basically shows how they screwed over pretty much every other firm and accelerated the fallout to save their own necks when a serious problem came to light. Not to everyone's taste and a little bit documentary style.

In other news, I am still waiting on my Essie Ozsale order and my Country Road order which is frustrating but they have apparently been shipped.


  1. Wow, you have been very busy!

    Must be very exciting to be setting the nursery up. 14 weeks, exciting! x

    Bump is looking gorgeous! :-)

  2. You have been busy! How exciting you're getting the nursery together. Your time is going to fly!

    Your bump is super cute, you're looking fab xx

  3. Thanks ladies :)
    Loving getting started on the nursery and finally finding places for all the bits we have been collecting over the past 6 months - I can't wait to see the finished product!
    Hope you are both doing great xxx