Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a busy weekend for me just gone, beginning with an early start on Saturday morning to pick up my sis and head to Mudgeeraba State Primary to meet dad and campaign for LNP candidate Ros Bates. Lucky for us, the weather was perfect (so much so we ended up with sunburnt arms and legs by 10:30am) and people were in a great mood, excited to have their say in the change of Government. We wanted to help Ros' campaign first off as she is one of the LNP's hardest working representatives and is also my sister's State member.

We had already heard that the ALP would not be putting any people or resources into campaigning for seats they didn't already hold but it was still surprising to arrive and see a sea of blue and yellow shirts, balloons, banners, signs and tents versus 2 ALP reps without any signage or identifying markers. There was also one Greens rep, one Katter party rep and two from Family First. Despite Ros being a relatively safe incumbent, LNP party supporters turned out in force and I think there were at least 10-12 of us at any given time waving the flag.

We finished up around 11am and called in to the most amazing local bakery in Mudgeeraba for a quick lunch - founded in 1925, the bakery still has an original brick oven to bake bread and the pies and sausage rolls were amazing! No pics sorry as I was too busy scoffing the food down.

It was then off to Southport High to get campaigning with the Young Libs for Rob Molhoek, a new LNP candidate running against a long serving ALP stalwart incumbent. Rob Molhoek had been working extremely hard on his campaign for at least the past 14 months and had proven to be an excellent candidate so it was exciting to be there working to support him. There were a few more ALP reps on the ground here including the actual candidate but there was still only 4-5 of them to 15+ young libs in their blue uniform backed by huge signage and banners.

I finished up the campaigning around 3:30pm, completely exhausted and sunburnt but happy that I had done everything I could to make a difference - I think its not good enough to say you want change but fail to back it up with action. If you feel strongly the about something then get out there and do something about it. Anyway, let me climb off my soapbox and continue with the rest of my update... so on the way home, I had to pass the Gold Coast's other Trade Secret (one of my fave shops at the moment if you have been following) that I haven't gotten to for some time. I admit, I didn't have the willpower to drive past it, I had to stop.

I came away with more Bonds gear - I know, I'm getting a little dull and predictable but their basics are just so comfortable and well priced for maternity wear:

A Tribeca Cape - $39.95

Bumps Bamboo Black dress - $34.95

and some Stretchies jumpsuits for bubba - about $15 each

I spent a bit too much time browsing here and ended up in a rush to get home and get ready for dinner with S parents. We were meeting them for dinner at an African restaurant Sun'e'Side they had discovered ... I was a little apprehensive to be honest being a fussy eater and pregnant. The restaurant was conveniently located only 10 minutes from us (in fairness, there are over 100 restaurants within 10 minutes of us so it wasn't surprising we hadn't found this one) and turned out to be an absolute gem. 

Styled in the theme of a game lodge, there was balcony or indoor seating available with dim lighting that was bright enough to see the menus, your companions and food easily without being glaring. The menu was well set out in sections of chicken, beef, seafood etc and had a good variety of choice. I went with the Spotted Giraffe... a skewer of rump, marinated in bay leaves & garlic served with traditional rice and chakkalaka dipping sauce. The service was attentive, the prices reasonable and the food was delicious - the staff were also very accommodating of me, ensuring the meat was cooked appropriately etc. S and I will definitely be dining here again.

Luckily the in-laws eat early so we were home by 8pm and I was more than ready for bed but desperate for results of the election. I switched on Sky News and despite expecting and being confident of an LNP win, was utterly shocked at the total annihilation of the ALP. The people clearly had wanted change, that was obvious from my day spent at the polling booths, but I really didn't expect such a bloodbath. I would have happily sat glued to Sky watching every inch of coverage but S was having none of it and wanted to watch a Jonah Hill movie he had .. The Sitter. Fairly crude but very funny, there were some thoughtful moments throughout where The Sitter actually did some good - you know, apart from taking young kids to a druglord's home, a bar and an adults' party, using them to thieve from a Bar Mitzvah, a break and enter on his father's jewellery store ... you get the idea.

Sunday demanded a sleep in (like it usually does) and then S and I headed to the shops for lunch/afternoon tea and a walk around. I think we stopped at every store selling baby goods to browse and ended up buying bubba some Christmas outfits on sale at Myer - they were $4 each down from $25 and S just couldn't resist.

We had afternoon tea at Donut King - its been forever since I have had donuts and the smell was too good to walk past - then met C and baby S at the playground for a catchup.

All in all, a great but very tiring weekend for me. What did you get up to?  

In other news, I almost forgot to mention, my sis also gave me a copy of the baby shower invites she has ordered for me. We are going for a Golden Book theme and in keeping with it, K got these from etsy.com:

Inspired by Reezy from the blog Peanut Butter & Honey's, idea to request Golden Books instead of cards from guests, K also found a poem explaining this and designed an insert to go with the invite. I think the invites are absolutely gorgeous and am touched by the effort my sister has gone to to source, design and create them.

My shower is still over 6 weeks away but we have my sis in law's to organise along with my dad's local council campaign we are running and a few other things going on so we thought it best to sort what we could early.


  1. Woah, that was a busy one!

    The election result was stunning. Not being from QLD so not really knowing the issues, simply seeing the numbers was quite shocking!

    Very cute Christmas outfits :-)

    Mmmm, donut king! Give me a plain donut from there over Krispy Kreme any day!

    1. It was when I read back through :)
      I know, the results were completely shocking even as an LNPer!!!
      I think the afternoon tea was dangerous as its re-inspired a love for donuts (real ones of course, KKs dont count in my books).

  2. What a gorgeous idea! Golden Books are such a treasure to have, my Mum still has my collection! I love love love this idea!

    Good on you campaigning for a good cause, you put it perfectly that if you want change you have to go about it yourself! Well done!

    1. Thanks Jessica - I loved Golden Books as a child too so thought this was the perfect theme and a little different. Will do a big post of the shower after it happens.

  3. I missed this post! I LOVE the invites, they're adorable xx

  4. I'm getting a little lifeless and foreseen but their fundamentals are just so relaxed and well cost for pregnancy wear.