Monday, March 5, 2012

Tokyo part 3 - we're almost at the end

I'm not sure if I ever posted pics of our first and only dinner in Tokyo from our first trip.
Our friend Victor took us to a very special restaurant in Shinjuku for sake and traditional Japanese food the day after the earthquake in March. It was a wonderful dining experience with the food amazing and the sake selection superior - made all the more so as we were able to forget that night about how scared we were and just have a lovely time for a few hours.
We asked Victor about this restaurant when we caught up with him in Osaka at the beginning of this trip and he was unable to remember the actual name of the restaurant or to provide with directions we would understand to find it - if you've been to Shinjuku, you will understand this completely.
So every night in Shinjuku this trip, we wandered around looking for restaurants and hoping we would find find the special one again. We had pretty much given up on ever finding the restaurant again when on our last night in Tokyo, we ended up down a side street in Shinjuku that we both thought looked familiar.
As you can imagine, we were pretty giddy with our own brilliance and couldn't believe our luck in finding it.
That turned out to be the easy part... the restaurant is definitely not for tourists or visitors (they'd never find it) - there is no English menu, no one speaks English (including fellow customers) and there is no plastic food or pictures to help with the ordering process.
Luckily we had pics on our camera from our previous trip and I was able to show them to the Master and he ordered for us from them - he got very animated on seeing the photos and that we had been there before.

Thanking the master for his service and delicious food - I think he understood despite him not speaking english and us not speaking Japanese.

The sashimi plate was again a work of art - too pretty to eat in my opinion but enormously enjoyed by S

Sake sampling - you order in lots of 3 and you each is from a different region and distillery with a little card (in Japanese of course) indicating where it is from

Special sake - 3 different types from 3 different regions

Not a word of english - luckily we were just able to order the same as we enjoyed last time using photos from last time ... tempura vegetable, sashimi plate, the most amazing duck breast

Appetiser - I'm not a seafood or 'unidentified foods' person so left this to S who seemed enjoyed it

We followed this meal with hours and hours of karaoke - I convinced S to hire a private room and we got so caught up I think we spent about 3 hours or more there :)

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