Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's lemmings & purchases

Will probably purchase: onesies from Country Road for bubba.
Acting out of habit, I forgot to check the children's section for sale items and had to go back in after completing my order  so am now considering just calling instore on the way home for these. 

BOUGHT: Country Road twist front jersey skirt - $44.96 onsale with member discount
I have been eyeing this off for a while so am glad I didn't buy it at full price like I was going to.
I have a similar version of this skirt now and have found it perfect for work with a black singlet and blazer.

BOUGHT: Country Road stripe tunic - $29.96 onsale with member discount
I have been eyeing this off also for a while and hope it will work with leggings as a maternity outfit in coming cooler months

LEMMING: this gorgeous clutch from Oroton.
With 50% off for members this would be about $200 but I just cant justify the expense right now :(


  1. Have been doing my best to keep away from the CR website today... Noe I want to go look!

  2. Ooh, so cute. Country Road have such lovely baby clothes.

    Love that I want to have a look too!

  3. Oh I'd love to go and buy Livy some clothes but she has been spoilt absolutely rotten. Dare say I won't need to buy clothes until she's 1!!
    Love the clutch too x