Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things that are interesting me right now

1. French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman

This book is getting mentioned in a lot of places (Sydney Morning Herald and the Today show to name a few) and has a lot of my friends talking. I first came across it here in an article by Amity Dry (remember, from the very first The Block?) http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/life-style/nutrition-and-wellbeing/why-the-french-are-better-parents-20120209-1rlfu.html

Anyway, the premise is that French children are generally better behaved in public, more inclined to do what their parents tell them (i.e. eat their vegetables) and require less 'hands on' parenting as the French don't subscribe to the 'King Child' epidemic spreading Western countries and they tend to parent their first children as though they are second, third or fourth children. The author explains that on a park outing, a French child is provided with a ball only and will play until its told to stop. Her (the author's) half British half American children require a carload of stimulation (bikes, balls, toys etc) for a park outing. She also explains that French children are served breakfast at home, morning tea and lunch and afternoon tea at school and then no further snacking till dinner time when an entree of vegetables is served. French children eat their vegetables because if they don't, no main meal will be served to them.

I have simplified and glossed over the above and there is much more to it than that but without boring you, you get the idea I hope.

The book raises some interesting points on parenting and while I may not agree with all of the author's points, I think its an interesting read with some merit as a first time parent - indeed, some of it is very similar to how I was parented and I have no complaints.

2. Greys Anatomy - specifically season 6

So I think most of the East coast of Australia enjoyed a pretty rainy weekend and we were no exception. M was due to come down from Brisbane Saturday night for a catch up and rather than head out, we decided to have a Grey's Anatomy marathon much to S' disgust. We both love Greys but hadn't seen a season consistently through since season 5 so we got pizza for dinner and settled in to watch season 6.

We only got through the first two discs but I have to say, those episodes have reignited ,y absolute love for this series! Seriously, could the writers get any better. S interrupted us a few times to find out what the hell was going on as he kept hearing laughter, sad and angry noises coming from us and couldn't understand how a show was causing them.

I don't want to spoil anyone that hasn't seen the season (although you must have been under the same rock as me if you haven't) but the funeral in the beginning is just tragic and the way the grief manifests on all the characters is heartbreaking, particularly Bailey. Can I also just say, HOW AWESOME IS BAILEY! What a beautifully written and amazingly acted character. I also do love Sandra Oh as Yang, she just gets me laughing with her complete lack of tact or sensitivity and I'm even a fan of Callie in this season. Probably the most annoying person for me is Izzie without doubt and I just feel sorry for Karev having to put up with her. That little cow Reed (the Mercy West docs) is also irritating the heck out of me and M and I were both hating on her smug little face.

I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the season this week and seeing how all the story lines play out. I expect I will be spending the coming weekend viewing season 7 if the weather keeps up like this (I've already roped my little sis in as a viewing partner).

3. Bubba

He's always interesting me of course but he has started kicking and noticeably moving about now which is pretty amazing. I used to ask my pregnant friends to describe how bub kicking felt to them and could never get a satisfactory answer. Well, now I'm in the same boat trying to explain to S and to M and to my sis K exactly what that feeling is like. Kourtney Kardashian tweeted a few days ago 'Ahh baby kicks! One of the best feelings in the world,' and she is exactly right. The magic for me of feeling bubba kick is unlike anything else ... its also very reassuring to feel the movements that include hiccups, turning, kicking and punching. S was pretty awestruck when he first felt the movements too and we now have a little ritual each night before we go to sleep where we talk to bubba and feel him move as we've noticed he is most active right before bedtime - as soon as I lie down, he starts wriggling.

4. Etsy

I've always liked etsy but bubba seems to have given me an addiction to it. I found and have bookmarked these adorable items so far (along with many more):

My sis loved this of course

The sweetest announcement cards by Whimsical Creations
More gorgeous announcement cards by Tiny Prints

A definite print for bubba's room - I just love the sentiment (Design by Maya)

Another definite print for bubba's room - again, love the sentiment (Design by Maya)

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