Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So far...

This week so far I have ...

enrolled S & I in a one day First Time Parents antenatal class - we are enrolled in Calmbirth classes also to help with techniques for the labour but this class will cover the basics of parenting and tour of the hospital birthing facilities

joined the Australian Breastfeeding Association at my mother's recommendation and enrolled in a breastfeeding education class that goes through normal infant behaviour, community resources and a focus on the early weeks after birth - I figure all help prior could assist in achieving the best possible outcome (which in my case would be established breastfeeding)

put together some of bubba's furniture - well S did and I just watched and made up the bassinet for fun (sheets still have to be washed obviously and the furniture is not in any arrangement as yet)

hit the 27 week mark with bub which is also the beginning of my third trimester - poor S though is not coping... he feels  like I have been in the twenties forever and wants it to be the thirties already ha ha (this week's bump pic)

received a parcel from my beautiful aunt which included some cardis she knitted for bubba including these two and a little blue one - they are just gorgeous and so precious to me as my grandmothers would both have loved to knit for the baby if they were still with us

dragged S to Masters in my search for organiser storage boxes to go under the change table for all of bubba's bits and bobs - we had success with these fabric options that were the right colour scheme, fit well in the space and come in two sizes

removed my wedder and e-ring from my finger to a chain around my neck - normally they have a little bit of room on my finger but I have noticed them tightening in the past weeks and was worried if I didn't remove them now they may end up stuck...I hate not wearing them though and feel naked without them on my finger


  1. That's a great idea joining the Bfing assoc. It sounds really beneficial. I've been having weekly lactation appointments which are fantastic.
    Bubs room is looking so cute!
    Beautiful bump! Gosh 3rd tri already!!

    1. Thanks Reezy - my mum was always part of 'Nursing Mothers' with us 4 and spoke very highly of it plus I figure the whole failing to plan is planning to fail when it comes down to it and I really want to give myself the best possible chance to establish BF but don't have a lot of support on this score around me apart from my mum as unfortunately none of my friends have been able to successfully BF for various reasons.
      Glad things are going so great with Livvy - she is gorgeous!!!

  2. What a cute post! I had no idea there were so many options for preparation classes, your research had paid off, you'll be very prepared and well-informed which is what I hope for myself one day :)
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jessica - I know, I wasn't aware there was so much support available either but its so reassuring to have it all.

  3. The room is looking good! Must be very exciting to be setting it up :-)

    Hand knitted things are just gorgeous!