Sunday, March 25, 2012

Polarising my nearest & dearest with some wants for bubba thrown in

So it turns out that baby showers have some aspects that can be pretty polarising to the masses ... or maybe just my nearest and dearest. I know, who knew?

It all started with some well meaning comments from some good friends who after seeing bubba's stockpile of gear and knowing the extent of my mother's shopping (peeps, she puts me to utter shame), queried me in dismay asking what was even left for them to buy me/bubba for the baby shower. Despite my reassurance that gifts are completely unnecessary, my friends have all been quite specific that they would like to buy me/bubba something special. Their dismay has actually left me feeling a little guilty about my and my mothers' shopping however my friends have also assured me they understand my need to shop given it is S and my first born and that it just makes their job a little harder.

I discussed this with my sister and here is where things started to go pear shaped. She suggested a baby shower registry might be in order to help my friends out.  My sister is quite a logical and practical person by nature... she is also blunt, to the point and loves to be organised even more than I do. She is also in charge of organising my shower. We discussed the registry and I mentioned that I felt a little uncomfortable about it as I would hate for guests to interpret it as a demand for gifts. K pointed out that my guests are all close friends and know me well enough to know that is not the case at all. She also pointed out that a registry at somewhere reasonable had been well received by guests at other baby showers she had attended recently and I should consider it.

I decided to poll a few friends and get their thoughts on a baby shower registry. I actually took a broad range of samples from a big demographic including some of S' friends wives, my MiL (a stickler for etiquette) and SiL, my mother and some of her friends, some girls I work with and of course my best friend M. To my absolute surprise, every single lady I spoke to bar one was in favour of a registry and commented on how easy it would make their shopping in addition to buying something I actually needed for bubba and not doubling up on gifts which they all told me would be embarrassing for them.  M was completely and vehemently against registering saying that it was a little presumptuous of me and we discussed my reasons at length and we ended up agreeing to disagree.

Based on the feedback around me, I ended up registering at Toys R Us ... and let me tell you, what a lengthy and involved process. The staff were very helpful and a scanner was provided but it took my sis and I a good 90 minutes to walk the store, scan and register the said items. As I already have bought so much, we had to go through things carefully to ensure we didn't double up. I also wanted a really broad range of options for people who choose to use the registry as a guide so include lots of bits and bobs like Bonds suits and pram/cot toys by Brights Starts and Lamaze. I only had two big items on the list (a Baby Bjorn carrier and a F & P Jumperoo) as I know some friends might like to band together and chip in but overall I kept the list to items around or well under $30 to show people we don't need much and I don't want or expect them to go to a lot of expense.

My sis is under strict instructions to ensure guests they don't need to a) bring a gift at all b) consult the registry at all if they choose and/or c) they can use the registry as a guide only and feel free to purchase whatever from wherever.

I am pretty satisfied with my decision to register as I know the people I am inviting know me well enough to know it is a guide for their convenience only and not an expectation or presumption on my part in any way. It is something I would be happy to consult for a baby shower and Toys R Us is a pretty reasonable option and location for most people.

Did you have a registry for your baby shower or have you been to a shower with a registry?

On another note, here are some new things on my list for bubba...

Moo Goo products -

I found out they do a range of baby products last night after an impromptu chemist visit to get a prescription for the husband filled (he has a severe ear ache unfortunately and makes a miserable patient). 
Anyway, after some googling and what not, the products sound ideal for newborn skin and they even offer a mother & baby gift pack with all the essentials: 

The Mum and Baby Gift Boxes includes:
  • The Scalp Cream is a beautiful moisturizer for babies that will also take care of any Cradle Cap.
  • Nappy Balm: a balm for red bottoms using natural oils not petroleum based or synthetic chemicals
  • Anti-Ageing Cream (for Mum) is great for dry skin, and the Ascorbyl Tetraisapalmitate (a stable form of Vitamin C), and Resveratrol, the latest breakthrough compound found in red grapes that reduces Melanin production which helps with the pigmentation that can follow pregnancy.
  • The Milk Wash is already a favourite with many Mums. The Glucose based cleansers were originally designed for baby wipes, and have the same skin irritation score as water. Much gentler for the baby any other cleanser available.
  • Skin Milk is a lighter moisturising lotion. It easily penetrates the skin with healing ingredients and without an oil film on the surface of the skin; and
  • Cow Lick Lip Balm: an edible balm to keep lips moist and healthy. Lots of Mum’s also find it helps to soothe when sore from breastfeeding.

I just think this is a gorgeous and very practical teddy bear for bubba. They feel so soft and plush in real life and I love that they are not too big and are flat so make the ideal sleeping companion with bubba when he is a bit older and able to/wanting to sleep with teddies.

Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUTbear is made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin shaped like a teddy bear. They are just gorgeous. They're natural, plush and luxurious - perfect for babies, kids, grannies... What can we say, everyone loves FLATOUTbears.

It is no wonder the FLATOUTbear has a star studded fan base including Princess Mary of Denmark, Brooke Shields and Hugh Jackman. Sarah Jessica Parker termed the FLATOUTbear "charming and adorable", Tom Cruise had it on his baby wish-list, Jennifer Garner "loves it". The FLATOUTbear is now seen around the world.

If you have a FLATOUTbear already, read no further because you know how fabulous they are:

  • Hand made from 100% Australian sheepskin
  • 30cm x 25cm or 12" x 10" (this may vary slightly as each bear is hand cut)
  • 5cm or 2" flat
  • Easy care - warm hand wash and dry in shade
  • Baby Safe Eyes and Nose - meets Australian and International toy safety Standards.
  •   tested
  • Colours available - milk, honey, latte, licorice, chocolate, koala grey and rosie.
  • A "please phone home" stitched in label with room for your phone number.
FLATOUTbear is a unique product used as a baby's toy and comforter. Saying that, we know lots of adults that won't leave home without one! The ultimate luxury teddy bear. We believe every child deserves a FLATOUTbear.

We also bought the Fisher Price Precious Planets portacot on sale from Toys R Us for just $99.95 - it was half price! We were originally going to just use a friend's one but then for the price, thought it worth investing in our own given we hope to have another bub after this one or if not, I can always pass it on to my sis when she has a baby.


  1. Personally as a guest (of any event)I love registries and wishing wells, they make it much easier!

    I'm really keen to try out some Moogoo products, I've been reading about them for a while and really like the idea behind them.

    1. Me too Emma ... they definitely make it easier than brainstorming the perfect gift, sourcing it then getting there and finding someone else has bought it also :)
      I know, me too with the MooGoo but havent ever gotten around to it - looks like bub will beat me to it ha ha. x

  2. I haven't seen registries for baby showers but I've heard of them and I would personally use one too. I think it's a given that it is easier for everyone including the recipient (who won't have to run around returning and exchanging). And I think with a first baby I'd be pretty pedantic haha!

    I'm facing the same thing, but with my wedding. To register, wishing well or both? I'm leaning towards just wishing well because then the cash can be used to buy anything we would have registered for but Mum thinks people will turn their nose up. So we'll keep talking it out for now. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jessica for the feedback :)
      Its difficult re: weddings but I think wishing wells are much better received now and more the norm. We had a positive response to doing a wishing well (as in guests were very happy with this) and to the few I knew would prefer to gift (aunts etc) I made it very clear personally that this was an indication only but they were welcome to gift if they chose. Some of them contributed to the wishing well and one of them brought us gorgeous monogrammed towels but all were happy to have options. Good luck with your talks X

    2. Jessica, the other thing I've seen online are honeymoon registrys. So instead of having a 'wishing well' they give you cash for a night away at your honeymoon or a nice dinner out while on your honeymoon - although really they're just transferring you cash. I think they're a nice compromise for those families still concerned about the etiqutte of wishing wells because even though you're giving cash you are buying 'something'. They also allow you to list items on the list, eg "one queen bed sheet set in white" and then the guest just chooses that they will be buying that but gets to choose where they buy it from.

      Might be a compromise? But, I'm with RealEstateGirl, I think wishing wells are much more acceptable now - particuarly when couples have often set up house long before the wedding and often contribute to the cost of the wedding themselves.

  3. I think a registry is a great idea. I think most people now-a-days are pretty savvy and know they can either use the registry or not. If people had planned to buy something handmade from etsy for example I'm sure they still will. It's VERY handy if you want to buy something practical for mumma and bub and aren't sure what they already have or the 'theme' they're going for.

    As an aside - my SIL and MIL are both totally against baby showers. So against it's crazy. I'm a bit disappointed that it means if and when I have a baby it will be up to my friends to organise something on the down low. They seem to think of it as a gift grab. But, I'm with you - it would be nice to just see everyone and celebrate the new arrival to be presents or not.

    1. Thanks Miss-B and :( that's really sad to hear your MiL & SiL dont believe in baby showers. Some people miss the point I think. I just love them as a chance to catch up with my friends before bub is born and spoil the mama to be a little with gifts and food and attention. Let me know if you need someone to organise yours when the time comes and I will happily get to work. x

    2. I think when the time comes I might just organise a BBQ in a park somewhere and invite people as a "last catch up before our family of 2 becomes 3" ... maybe not calling it a babyshower will satisfy them HAHA. Thank you for the organisation offer though x. My mum sounds a lot like yours. I won't even tell my mum when we starting trying for a bub because I think she'd start shopping up a storm right away!

  4. A registry is a great idea, especially being as organised as you are :) I know what you mean about thinking it might be a gift grab but registries are the future, they're convenient for our busy lives.

    1. Thanks Reezy - it definitely does seem to be the way of the future for all things and I guess as we all have such easy access to 'everything' now, its a nice way for the giver to ensure the gift is suitable. As a 'giver' I know there is nothing worse than searching for the perfect gift and upon giving it, finding out they already have it, someone else has also bought it or it wasn't really to the receiver's taste. x

  5. I like the moogoo products! Are you going to buy some of them? Maybe you can take some pics and showcase them later :)