Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First World Problems

So its that time of year where I am due to upgrade my mobile handset and oh, the dilemmas this is causing me.

Honestly though, if this is not a first world problem then lord knows what is!

So I currently have an iPhone 4 and let me tell you, I hate that piece of metal and glass more than anything else... it has come so close countless times to getting thrown against a wall or in our canal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a total iPhone person but this handset is prone to dropping out at will or switching from my service provider to 'searching' to 'sos calls only' randomly regardless of area and coverage - my home apparently is the equivalent to the Congo jungle and service can only be obtained outside on my back patio in one particular spot. This is definitely the handset as my sim in any other phone does not experience these faults or cause me as much drama.

So I have the following options:

  1. Upgrade to an iPhone 4s
  2. Wait (read suffer) it out for a few months and see if Apple is going to release another handset this year as per the online rumours - if you have any input on this it would be appreciated
  3. Go for a new handset altogether - a Samsung or a Blackberry or ??? i'm open to suggestions here
Can you offer me any help or advice based on your own experiences and undoubtedly vastly superior knowledge?

EDIT: Thanks for the comment Angela - HTC Incredible S is actually one I am considering and it comes with a free PS3 at the moment also. Is it as easy to use as the iphone?


  1. HTC is pretty good! I've never been a fan of iPhone.

  2. NOOOO TO BLACKBERRY!!! i hate them! my mum got one because she thought they were simple and wasn't syked on iphones and has rued the day ever since!! they're not compatible with ANYTHING and they suck!!! iphones fo shiz. have you updated the softwear and do you have wifi in your house? cos then you can imessage and stuff if the reception is shiiiiit. otherwsie maybe go to a different telco company? that may be the problem?
    good luck! x

    ps you have CAPTCHA!! DOOOM!!

  3. I would wait for the iPhone 5, could be network problems. I switched from Optus to Telstra with an iPhone and no more problems.

  4. My iPhone 4 is exactly the same. Drops out and really bad service in our house. Plus the home button sometimes needs to be pressed 5 or 6 times to work. So frustrating!! I'm going to upgrade to the 4s, I've heard so many complaints about the normal 4.